I guess people need to relieve stress

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    That is why everybody is on my ignore list except for FPC
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  2. That's a good one...:D
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  3. Well, why? The point is not about having opinions, but about having flexible opinions. Last night, I was expecting a dip in the morning in SP and a pullback later on and I was even thinking about an up close. Well, we did dive in the morning and had a pullback later on, but about 2:30 I was not so sure about this up close and was considering a sell-off because of lack of upside momentum at that time. I thought it would not be big though. The sell-off did happen and it was bigger than I expected, even if I did not specify what I meant by that, but I must say that I did not expect the pivot to broken to the downside.

    Both opinions were posted on this board, BTW. And they were only opinions...

    So you see, if I held to my opinion from yesterday completely including the positive close, I would have made a mistake. The point is to know when your opinion is corraborated by the market, because if it is not you will see it in your depleted account.

    Everyone has some opinion, you cannot trade without it, the most important thing is to know when your opinion is no longer correct.
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  4. People should be able to discuss differences of opinion without being nasty about it or being insulting to the other people
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    Traders are a naturally cantankerous lot. This isn't touchy feely trading.
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  6. If they can't enter discussions with strangers without resorting to rudeness then they have a lot of growing up to do, no matter how much money they may have.
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    I agree.....there are a lot of impolite people out there. Their Mom's should have washed out their mouths out with soap!
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