I guess people need to relieve stress

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  1. There's no need for nastiness towards others on here. I guess whether they realize it or not most people playing the markets are under a degree of constant stress, and occasionally express it through being nasty and condescending to other people who have posted messages.

    It certainly doesn't contribute to the quality of Elite Trader when they do. I could go to Yahoo for that sort of thing. I've reluctantly found that the Ignore List feature is more useful than I would like it to be.
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    What the hell is your fucking problem?

    nitro :mad:

    [ps I intend to delete this message if you do not answer within the bounds of me being able to delete it :) ]
  3. I know you're using irony to be humorous :)
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    I agree with your post. IMHO, people still need to be reasonable with each other.

    If someone replied to me in person the way some of these people treat each other, a fight would break out...

  5. Yeah, I agree. People get kind of nutz on these message boards, which is a good reason why I don't read/post on a lot of message boards. The only reason why I useElite Trade is for the technical knowledge, like which trading platforms offer certain capabilities that would be of interest to myself and others like myself.

    Opinions and trading logs and strategies are not supposed to be in a real trading forum. That is why people get attacked on message boards. Once you give an opinion or whine about some SEC rule, people attack you. That is where all of the hostility comes from. I'm pretty certain of it.
  6. I think there's a direct correlation between how well the market is trading and trader's attitudes. For example, the most conflicts, bickering, fights,etc. happen in my office when the market is trading like old people drive. IMO trading has been like old people driving for about two months, and guess what, it's been a little "tense" in the office. Although since we've broken out of this consolidation recently, the atmosphere has been a little more light I should say.
    Man, during July everybody was everybody's best friend...lol, I guess it shouldn't matter but it just seems to work out that way.
    Just my useless 2 cents.
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    Who the fuck are you and why do you have 300 posts in less than a month?
  8. I'm going to go on the assumption that you were trying to use the same ironic humor that nitro did above.
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    Why not go on the assumption that your never ending harping on the same old topic is boring, and irritating?
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    (I relieve my stress by sleeping)
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