I guess no hockey fans on ET

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  1. Carolina wins the cup!!!(stanley cup) (It's the trophy given to the winners of the final playoffs in hockey).
  2. For some reason it seems that more ET'ers watch the NBA instead of the NHL. Maybe they enjoy watching referees decide who wins and who loses the game instead of the teams?

    Personally, I would rather shave my balls with a cheese grater than watch one minute of the NBA.

    Anyway, that was an awesome game 7!!!! Congratulations to the Hurricanes.
  3. Yes, they stepped up in Game 7, when they might have folded after losing games 5 and 6. I honestly thought the Oilers could pull it off.

    We can all be happy about the rule changes and the kind of hockey it produced. It was great to see Jagr and others displaying their skills without getting hacked every time they touched the puck.

    Now if Toronto could only get their shit together...maybe the departure of Pat Quinn will spark a change up here.
  4. I really thought that Edmonton had the chance to tie it up in the third period. They dominated the entire period, but when they were near the goal, they couldn't set it up. They really blew it when they had a 5 on 3 players edge and couldn't score. Then Smyth hooks Wesley to drop the edge to 4 on 3. They couldn't capitalize when the advantage was in their favor. Great series though.
  5. What's hockey?

    Country Music??? like "Do the hokey-pokey"????

    Pokey with my Hockey Cockey???

  6. I am glad to see that there are a few who enjoy the game. Granted my interest for the game has dropped pff over the last 5 years or so (being a Ranger will do that to ya). However, I agree the rule changes saved the game. This season was the first in awhile where I found myself watching a full game that the Rangers werent playing in. I watched 5 full games of the finals and it was awesome, hard hitting hockey. Hopefully the NHL can get their chit together and sign a decent TV contract...OLN lol!!!
  7. you should know about hockey, it's a sport with big sticks.. :D
  8. That's going to be hard. I live in Southern California, and even though every single Ducks and Kings game gets sold out, the number of fans is very small. Unfortunately, of the big five sports in the U.S., football, baseball, basketball, and golf all get better coverage than hockey. Golf may be a bit of a stretch, but I love the game, so I'm biased. It does get better television coverage in so cal than hockey does though.
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  10. I never watch hockey, but I was desperate and watched a few minutes of the first game of the finals and I couldn't believe how intense and exciting it was. NBA finals seem a bit tedious now.
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