I guess justice can be swift

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  1. This would be comical if it wasn't so tragic. The guy gets arrested, charged and sentenced in less than 2 months? When was the last time the system moved so fast? This is what passes for a foreign policy? Look, look, we punished the bad man that made the video. Now would you please quit killing us. It's f'n disgusting.

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    He had other outstanding "issues".
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    And we've got four more years of this shit.
  4. You know, I know, everyone knows this guy doesn't do a minute of time if not for the video. If this is what we're now calling justice, we all best be careful, very careful of what we say and do.
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    He's had a large impact in the world. While what he did is technically not illegal, he's going to give his pound of flesh anyway.
  6. So when the G-man kicks down your door and say's, what you're doing is not technically illegal, but we're hanging your ass anyway, you're OK with that? Like I said, if that's now justice we best be careful of every move we make. Piss off the wrong people, have your actions be considered the root cause of the problem by the powers that be, and you're toast. Not exactly the kind of freedom the founders had in mind. Fact is, that is precisly what they fought against.
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    Charlie Hebdo published cartoons of Mohammad causing France to close it's embassy in 20 Muslim countries for fear of reprisal ..... there were no protests nada, nothing.

    The video is a farce, it's effect has been fabricated and manipulated for political purposes.
  8. In the past it was black shirts and brown shirts: in the future it will be rainbow* and green** shirts.

    * **rainbow coalition and environmental enforcers
  9. You may not be far off. Your business model doesn't fit our new agenda, sorry we're closing you down. What you're saying has offended so and so, off to the re-education camp. Far fetched? Perhaps, but I never thought we'd be where were at, so who knows.
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