I guess I owe Surf an apology for his short call

Discussion in 'Trading' started by taclander, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. I spent the last 2 days selling calls on my long term positions thinking we are going to pull back in the next couple weeks. I guess that is the same as a short call as I don't want to lose the positions, just make money from them. I only got off 25% of the prices as of yesterday, and so far today I brought it up to 50%. For perspective my long terms are 16 stocks, and most are 10 years and longer. None less than 3 years. I have VZ which is a long term hold, but I was called out of the initial position and re entered on a pull back.
    At the same time, I apologize to Surf as I am on board for a pull back. Maybe not as severe as he predicts, but a pull back none the less.
  2. MattSF


    Surf is up 10 ticks on his short after squandering 300 on his paper trade. I think you missed your Abilify dose. Call your doc.
  3. vinc



    so you own somebody an apology for a more or less random outcome in a 'single distribution' ??
  4. Yea, he was early but looking good depending on how long he is willing to press. I got my fills up to 75% of the long term portfolio, and today I am selling puts on a couple that I would take, or be happy to just grab the premium. I love when the markets get moving!