I got the Crabel book...

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by richtrader, Feb 4, 2003.

  1. I created a "wishlist" on half.com a couple of months ago and put the Crabel book on it. On Sunday, someone listed it for only $250 so I scoffed it up:

  2. Nice work richtrader. That seems to be the best trade so far.

  3. Great Job!!!

    Study Hard!!!
  4. LOL, just noticed, the .99 on the price. For some reason that strikes me funny.
  5. I have my own trading methodology I use, but really wanted to see what all of the fuss is about with this book.

    Kind of like when the PS/2 first came out I bought one on ebay for about $500 just because they were so hard to get. I never played it and resold it for almost what I paid.
  6. Foz


    At first when I read this I was thinking "How could he have bought an IBM PS/2 on Ebay?? Ebay wasn't around in the late 80's when the PS/2 came out!" I guess I'm dating myself PS means "Personal System" instead of "Play Station" to me.

    Remember the good old PS/2? Originally they were based on the 8086 chip running at 20 MHz and costing over $2000. It had no harddrive, but came with a 640x480 XGA monitor.
  7. Yes, and I remember how the models didn't correspond to the processor speeds. For example, a model 80 seemed like the top of the line, but then a model 50 was better. (I may be wrong about the exact model numbers for all of you perfectionists out there). It was an example of the wonderful marketing that removed IBM from their own PC game early on.

    Sorry about the digression.