I got my Covid vaccine today: AMA

Discussion in 'Politics' started by UsualName, Apr 7, 2021.

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    I preregistered with my county health department a couple of months back and got a call today asking me if I am available to take my shot for a cancelled appointment.

    Showed up to the high school, they asked some basic questions and I was on my way to the nurse and some guy who asked the same questions again and told me to hydrate after the shot and take Tylenol if there is soreness.

    Nurse gave the shot and directed me to an observation area where I sat for 15 minutes and then I was on my way.

    The whole process took 25 minutes. Easy.

    If you’re nervous about the shot. Don’t be, it’s easy. I’ll answer any questions I can because there is nothing to be scared of.
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    i asked for Moderna because I wanted an extra dose of aborted fetuses. Which one did you get?
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    Moderna. It was the only vaccine they had.
  5. Good choice!.

    That's the one that causes you to grow tits.
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    Which vaccine ?

    Was there TV in the waiting area after you shot ?

    Did they give you something to snack on after the shot ?

    They person giving you the vaccine shot...wearing a regular surgical face mask or a N95 ?

    Did you go there by yourself as in someone outside waiting for you ?

    Mentally, do you feel relieved as if you're on your way to be safe ?

    Do you feel empower to fuck with the Covidiots running around ET with their anti-vaxxer attitudes / the world is coming to an end / conspiracy fears ?

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    I was hoping for alien dna but I’ll take that as a consolation prize.
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    No snacks. Now I feel cheated. Didn’t feel anything after the shot just arm soreness.

    No tv, but good music going. Definitely an upbeat atmosphere. People were happy there from the staff to the people.

    Regular surgical mask for the nurses and staff. I’m sure they’re all already fully vaccinated.

    I rode solo. Didn’t have much time to plan things out. They asked me to be there within an hour.

    Mentally, I was a little nervous there because I hate shots. Can’t even look it makes me sick. I do feel good. I want to go back to normal. I want my mom over and that sort of thing. Summer parties etc.

    I actually think everyone should make their own choice. I just want to share there isn’t anything to be afraid of. So if you have older people in your life or people with serious medical conditions you might want to consider getting vaccinated for them.
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    All my relatives in the United States and France have been vaccinated...

    I'm still waiting for my 1st shot here in Québec, Canada. I feel cheated here in Canada. :(

    Girlfriend is a head nurse at her hospital (another option of not waiting my turn)...she's had both her shots. :D

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    Not one day can pass without you being a fucking douche.
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