I got logged in ET but not from me

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by jrlvnv, Jan 11, 2008.

  1. jrlvnv


    3 days ago i noticed that I was logged with some user name and I had no access to any forums or was unable to look inside the mailbox, it said I had no permission. So I deleted temp. files, cookies and cleared history. Everything was fine.

    Today I noticed that I was logged in under the name Pokkerrrrr.

    Never heard of him before and no one touches my computer but me. I did adware and AVG virus scan and came back clean. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks
  2. When I click on forums, I get "access forbidden". I can access topics on the main page.

  3. Same here. I think Baron and the tech guy will be busy tomorrow trying to fix this, looks like hackers for sure.
  4. balda


    by using search you can access all other thread :confused:
  5. same here. The only condolence was I couldn't utilize the account, even though it said I was logged in.
  6. So that's why PAL is being pumped?
  7. And why isn't Spell Check there any more?
  8. TraDaToR


    Same as oldtrader
  9. Likewise.
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