I got layoff today

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by koms, Mar 2, 2006.

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    I got layoff today and am looking for a job in IT development.
    I have 10 yrs of experience in developing Microsoft products such as ASP .NET, C#, VB, C++,Oracle, Easy Language ( from Tradestation ) etc.

    My passion is to work on an trading system development.

    If you know of any companies hiring please let me know or alteast good web-site where I can find similar jobs or any job hunter contacts.

    I live in NJ and can work in NJ or NYC.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Sorry to hear of your layoff. But was it do to laziness? What I mean is if you google "employment" you will get oh...just under 1mm hits. cmom man...
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    One search does not hurt other.
  4. Hey, did you forget how this works. First you pump him for more info. Ie. What company, does he have system building skills, why he's used EL. etc...

    Then you wait until he says something REALLY stupid. Then we all jump on him.

    Stick with the plan!:D
  5. LOL.
  6. koms


    Yes I did google before I posted and found one interesting site

    but it would help if somebody already knows about some good site beacause if I post my resume on moster or dice I will get 100 calls from unwanted 3rd party body shppers which are anyways going to sell my resume to big(good ) firms.
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    I am serious in what I am posting. The reason I am looking for a job rightaway is because my wife in undergoing an IVF cycle and want a good insurance to cover up infertility treaments. I know I can use Corba but already i an nearing my max limit for this treatment.
  8. I think there was some spammer floating around here a while ago. quantcareers.com(?) or something like that. Avoid that one.

    BTW, my buddy goes throught the same crap every 3 months or so. He's been contract now for almost 8 years. He bitches about it, but there's not too much choice. He does have a group of HH's that he calls to announce his availability. He still does the dice thing though.
  9. LOL. I wasnt trying to be a dick.
  10. So I'll try to say something constructive...

    First, you're skills, seem good. You really didn't explain much, but it's not like I'm hiring. I read on yahoo or /. that .NET is in demand so there should not be any worries.

    Now it looks like you are gunning for a trading system dev. job. But you didn't really allude to that experience. I can't imagine that getting anyone's attention.

    If you are truly looking for a job quickly, hit everything and deal with the pain. I know it sucks, but time seems to be your enemy.
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