I got extremely lucky selling T on imbalance at the open

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dsq, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. dsq


    i bot t yesterday at 34.55...this morning at 9.28 am premarket was showing 34.01x34.38...Then right at the open i see the bid ask go wild 34.60x34.85!I had my sell order ready anyway and had it at 34.50.I sent order at 7 seconds into the open!I saw a few trades at 34.78 but i wasnt showing a fill for a few minutes.The stock quickly tanked to 34.05 area.I figured i was screwed.
    Then at 9:33 it shows that i got filled at 34 50!When i look at time of sales it shows my order of 300 shares being filled 15 seconds after i placed my order.
    I got extremely lucky.I never get filled to my advantage on a weird imbalance trade off the open.
  2. A guy has to start somewhere

    Besides, with the 300 shares he's traded today - he's traded more than you have in the past 3 years
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