i got an excelent strategy and papers to proe it but cant seem to find a prop or back

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  1. If somebody could help me with this question i would very thankful.
    I have been clerking and trading for 5 years now in the first 6 months of this year i made 370k using my strategy. I need help finding a prop shop or an individual backer. Anybody here know of prop shops that i could contact or individual backers who will hear me out. They wont be sorry i promise. my Experience and track record speaks for itself.
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    Why do you need a backer. With such returns and a bit of patience you are on your way to millionaire domain.

    What was capital size of which 370k was made?


    P.S. Udachi
  3. my problem is that i started working for cme giant 5 years ago who happens to be my gf's cousin when i was 19. I was a comp science student at DePaul at the time. I was his first clerk with bond future (back then he was 5 mil a year stock trader). He is a very cheap person and believes that everyone is out to get him. i ran myself into close to 100k of credit card debt over the course of 5 years. Through that time i helped him put together a team of 15 people and we turned into a 20 mil a year group. Last year my plan was to get my bonus check and leave at the turn of 2006. I had a backer and prop shop that was taking me with open arms. That year we were up 6 mil by april, unfortunatly in may and jun we went on to loose close to everything we had in our trading account (20-25 mil), when the bonds rallyed like crazy. anyway to make a short story ong i never got my big bonus check that i was expcting, and had to leave taking 5k for the holiday. i went on to my new company and was promised the world, i cant say that they didnt treat alright because they did give me a chance to put together what i would like to do now. i had a 50/50 split and got $300 a week. i worked to beg of july there, until they asked me to sign a 3 year deal. I didnt want to get into 3 year contract so i ended up leaving. I collected just enough money to pay off my debt, move to the south loop, buy furniture, a car, and now im paying for my gf to go to grad school. i have 40k or so saved but im scared to put it all on the line unless i have to.
  4. im sorry for the spelling mistakes im typing on a tiny laptop and i just woke up.
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    where does the $370k come in?
  6. How much are you looking for?
  7. A few nagging items:

    1) Lost $25mm that you helped to accumulate? Awesome risk management.

    2) The $370k was predicated on keeping the above $$? So you don't have the $370k?

    3) Your ran up $100k in CC debt before you were 25 w/o banked income?

    4) You've been working on your B.Sc. since 19 and have yet to get your paper?

    Honestly, you're the last guy I would hire. Take it as constructive criticism. Change your handle and try to forget your desperate ramblings under this anatoly pseudonym.

    Oh yeah, tell the g/f to pay her own way through grad school, or at least ask the rich cousin to front the cash. You're a monumental idiot to be paying a dime of her ed.
  8. Geez, riskarb, I was going to spot the guy $100.
  9. 370 is what net was jan 06 to june 06, i averaged 30k to 160k in a single month. Im not looking for that much money just enough to trade with. I also am willing to put some of my money up so that we have more to trade with. I just dont think that 40- 50k is a safe place to open an account with at a prop.
  10. TRW, a lot of firms require you to have a clean one or at least semi clean.
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