I get it now, Obama is another Borat

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  1. He is just making a movie and its all a Joke.

  2. If so...I sincerely "hope" that we have enough pocket "change" for admission........I am curious as to how they work the theme "Yes we can !" into the ending............
  3. Funny plot. Foreign citizen scams his way onto the ballot and ends up getting elected.
  4. Tresor


    Borat is cool :D
  5. You should start a blog dedicated to your obsession with Obama.

    You can call it 'jficquette's vagina monologues.'

    You should even put a link here. I'll ask Baron to give you free advertisements here.

    That way you won't have to start 35 Obama related threads in P&R a day.
  6. He's just chafing that the Great Whi.....that the Norman Ro.....that so many of his fellow Americans violated the unspoken Gentlemen's Agr......that so many people voted democrat.

    It gets easier the more you study this phenotype.

    Observe their language patterns.


    Liberal=n*gger lover

    Fascist, Marxist, Communist, Socialist= Liberal.

    Americans= white pride, world wide

    After the newspeak is deciphered, u can c them coming a mile away. The internet is very valuable at exposing this.

    U might also notice that these people hang on a trading website, but say nary a word pertaining to the impetus of the site.

    Oh, speaking of WPWW, I forgot a couple.

    Mainstream media=WorldBanking=New World Order =those stinkin JOOOOOOOOSSS

    :D :D

  7. Regarding the current swing of the pendulum, yes, I would agree with your assessment.

    The Republican party lost its heart...the Democratic party has lost its soul.
  8. Yes, the soul of "America" is gone, with dems siding with all those sp*cs, joos, n*ggers, and every other mongrel in this great land, we know, we know.

    Sean, Rush, Savage, Cunningham, Beck, tell us every day.

    They need to just quit dancing around it (they are doing it very badly) come on out of the Kloset and c what America will do.

    Ah, but we already know the answer.
    McCain was trying get in with sheeps clothing, but Palin didn't get the memo and clearly defined who "real" Americans are.

    The result, they carried Appalachia and the Mountain West, and we already knew what was out there.

    Hint: These regions carry the states of Idaho and West Virginia.

    Oh, he also carried the Confederacy.

    Way to go Pubs:D :D

  9. This isn't about racism, for me anyway, it is about ideology.
    If you can't see that, or if you are in agreement with the status quo, then we will have to agree to disagree.
  10. This is the killer for the pubs, the "Southern Strategy" and all that goes with that term, has buried an excellent fiscal and business ideology in it.

    But I listened to Einstein, the Jew, and learned to trade. Trusting others with your money is a gigantic leap of faith.

    Einstien stated that there is no limit to human stupidity. After a brief empirical test of that theory I have found that thesis to be accurate to a degree greater than random chance permits.

    Now Rahm and company made the master stroke of the pubs having to unlink Rush from the party. Which will be next to impossible.

    Because of the images of George W. Bush, who does not conjure up Texas, but Texxxxuuusss, as well as Newt, and talk radio, it will be difficult to unhinge the redneck image from the pubs.

    The next 16-20 years is for the Dems to lose.
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