I gave up on Eur/usd

Discussion in 'Forex' started by mounafia, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. mounafia


    some of you may remember my thread about Forex being a scam.

    Eur/usd has really pissed me off this last 2 months...while I was thinking I had found (after years of hard work) a good strategy.

    I have changed to the GBP/USD for the last 3 weeks and I have found back my love for the forex (positive everyday)

    Just this little post because some peoples may be in the same position than I was 3 weeks ago and not realise that sometimes a small change can be really benefical.

    (ps : I know my english sucks)
  2. LOL and I am up 11% this month on rhe Eur/US $

    What happens when you start failing in the GBP/US$ ? Move on again?
  3. mounafia


    yep.....to the GBP/JPY...and after that go back to EUR/USD.

    The key is to always find a currency that fit my strategy.

    a good learning experience
  4. so your next project is to find a method that can predict when your system will stop working in a certain FX pair?
  5. mounafia


    just need to be aware that the world do not evolve only around the Eur/usd.

    if the eur/usd works for you, good.
  6. Is there a way that any currency pair with the JPY will NOT be somewhat volatile?
  7. sakhter


    Fear the euro!


    I am long the EUR/USD, entry $1.4631 take profit level 1 = 1.4719, take profit level 2 = $1.48.

    good luck gentlemen! ladies PM me ;)
  8. So what you're saying is that forex isn't a scam!?

  9. Do you see any further retracement beforehand?
  10. sakhter


    I would watch 1.4631 - 1.4603. if it goes below that we're in trouble. A break of 1.4535 would solicit further pressure to the downside to $1.4346.

    I doubt it is going to happen, keep risk tight to 16-20 points.

    P.S. if you follow me on twitter, you would know I've been preaching about these levels for WEEKS.
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