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  1. Chit chat form, but here goes:

    Don't ever go to school and work full time at the same time. It's a disaster in the making. You take time off for school, great. Then you catch up with school and work, and it's a juggling act. There is not enough time in the day or enough energy. I've got finals next week and, I think the jig is up. I kept an A and B+ average going into the finals, but I am simply overwhelmed this time.

    I'm fucked. I'm fucked. I'm fucked. Going long puts on my life.

    Next stop: unemployed, mediocre, deadbeatville.

    If there is -anyone- out there contemplating working full-time + school, don't do it. Ever. Pick one or the other and live with your choice. Any hackish combination of the two will give you mental problems for quite some time to come.
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    Too late, I already did back in the early 80's. While still a senior in HS I worked a part time job and started night classes at the community college. First full year of college I carried a full load of classes and worked one part time and one additional full time job. Even managed to make the deans list once. For another three years I worked one full time job which included some traveling (missing classes) and a part time job while carrying a reduced class load. Because of all the missed classes I did have to repeat one of my calculus courses.

    I don't want to sound like I'm picking on you and yes it is very VERY tough.
    In fact I don't even know all of the details of your circumstances.

    But it CAN be done if you manage your time and are willing to give up your social life. (Certainly no fun I know)

    But when I hear today's kids say they "can't" work and attend school at the same time. I want to punch their face through the back of their skull for being such pussified entitlement queens.
  3. Doesn't really matter.

    As soon as you're finished with college, you won't be able to find a job anyway. Unless you're in nursing school.
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    I handed in a calculus final test without my name on it.. the teacher said "hey your forgot to put your name on this", I said "some other lifetime".. it's the exhaustion thingy, it does set in.. I've never been back..

    Since then I researched brain nutrition, phosphatidylserine perks you up in three days, if you're old you need COQ10, Omega 3's help a lot in the longer term, take some D-Phenylalanine to keep you out of the pain area if you need.. cut back on caffeine and learn to "slow down to get more done"...

    There was one student on my campus that was a homeless guy, he took a full load of classes and sat around in the halls or wherever he could and did his work... I knew another guy that lived in a camper truck in the parking lot of the school, the guards let him get by with it.. better to cut expenses, live any way you can, finish the education, then get a full time job...
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    I did the same in college. Took 5 classes and worked 30 - 40 hours a week. Usually closer to 40. And I required a high GPA of myself.

    So I'd take a heavy load - then the following semester I'd end up dropping out of 1/2 of my classes because I was too exhausted - also, of course, going out a lot back in those days.

    Also, I entered college sharp and by the time it ended; with all the cramming and late night writing, I was somehow dumber.

    I was fried and couldn't think straight so I became a trader and now I think that most of my brain is nearly destroyed.:p
  6. Unless one has a high paying part time job. But I agree, that work usually comes out of your GPA AND your understanding.

    I did a teaching assistantship (during MS), which covered all tuition, and the pay was enough to cover all my other living expenses with some left over. Only really took about 12 hours a week.

    The biggest problem is, that many people go to expensive schools, with little extra benefit to show for it. $35,000 a year, unless going to a place like MIT or Yale is just not worth it. In fact, they did a large-scale study of men who graduated from school and got a job. They found that after 10 years, people from prestigious schools did not really make more tha those from state schools.

    2 years community college, 2 years the state school with the highest rating for your major in your state. Get student loans to help (don't have to pay back until like 9 months after graduation).

    Maybe costs you something like $7K for first 2 years, and $10-20K for last 2 years. A lot better than $100,000 for a private school.

    Also, get a degree in something that pays, like accounting or engineering. History or Art Appreciation is a colossal waste of 4 years.
  7. I had a 4.0 going into this semester, but this semester will be my undoing.
  8. You guys are young and should be thinking about having as many experiences with other people and getting as much pussy (safely) as you possibly can.

    Not getting brainwashed so that you can become "productive workers" in a society that may not even have jobs or a career for you.

    Now is the time of your youth and you will not get it back ... there will be plenty of time to make all the money in the world ... yep, all of it.

    Where the fuck is Rearden Metal when you need'em?#!! :mad: :) :D

  9. You understand your problem of time yes? So now you have panic with time and final exams. Now you have to put all your (time) and energy to your final exams. Quit your job,(that is not more important than your final exams) Focus only on what has a (time limit), that is your exams. You can have (time) for a job again, but you can not have time for final exams again unless you fail and have to do it all again (and that is more time you have to put in)
  10. ps The money from the job you quit is not lost. Think of that money as buying time. If you quit the job, you buy time for final exams.
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