I found the holy grail

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  1. The truth is all markets are manipulated and volume spread analysis is the key to becoming rich :)

    Works in ALL markets even forex bucketshops

    Only $295 for an educational video on identifying what smart money is doing!:cool:

    You can see the holy grail on this site:
  2. Please!
    If you found the holy grail, just use it and don't tell anyone!!!

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  3. Go AWAY:D
  4. We hate you -- and you are less than human in our eyes because you SPAMMED!!!!!!!

    Oh all right, we are a bunch of grumpy ol' men.

  5. HotTip


    I'm sure there are a lot of people out there willing to fork over $295 for trading advice from someone whose handle is "college_trader".
  6. Its customer spread anal ysis, as in you get reamed when you trade it.