I found the holy grail of trading!

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  1. I was able to eek out tiny profits over the coure of the last 5 and a half years. It took me this whole time to realize the holy grail of trading. After much wasted time spent picking bottoms, picking tops, searching for trend reversals, and a whole host of other crap, i realized that the holy grail of trading is "the trend is your friend". I use that philosophy to day trade the qqqq intraday. Keep it simple, trading aint rocket science, don't fight the trend!
  2. One thing I would like to point out... if what you have is working right now doesn't mean it always will. The markets are very volatile and the trends are actually very well defined right now.... few years ago was not like this.. and at some point will not be like this again...

    So although its great that you have found a way to trade with the trend, keep in mind things are actually fairly easy right now with regard to trend trading strategies
  3. Trend trading is the way to go, no argument there.

    When volatility decreases, as it certainly won't stay like this forever, just hit faster fractals to determine trends within trends.

    In the meantimes enjoy the VIX.
  4. That is why I wrote my own systems instead of hiring a chat room guru or signal provider. I am an alpha male and like control. I also like to fix things. I like to take decisive action to fix things. I cannot do that if someone else's black box breaks. I would just throw it out and buy something else. I designed my own system to be fixed when the market changes, when price action changes (like as of Sept 8) or when the market breaks it. If I couldn't fix my own system, I would be a slave to whomever sells me their system. Fuck that.

    Glad you learned about the trend. With a wide enough stop to absorb whipsaw, that should keep you in profit. But like the first responder posted, nothing lasts forever.
  5. Good for you, now size the fuck up and make some money.
  6. Don't tell everyone though.

    Or the people the other side of you trades will not be there and there will be no trend and it will all go stagnant.

    Start another thread singing the praises of top and bottom and reversal picking but type it with your fingers crossed (not on both hands as this will make typing somewhat cumbersome and you will be prone to spelling mistakes) ensuring us trend followers will always have some fruit to pick.

    Or something.
  7. Ooooahhhhh, risky.. stick to picking your nose.:p
  8. When volatility goes down just extend your trading to a longer time frame. The trends are still there but they take days to develop instead of hours.
  9. Right now its great and it sucks at the same time. The trends are well defined but the volatility is so high you have to put more money on the table.

    When the volatility dries up the trends are in longer time frames so the trades have to last longer therefore you also have to put more money in the table.
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    Another day of multiple, big trends in a single day. Fun stuff.
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