I find it interesting that my ES 940 call was removed

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by MrktObserver4u, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. You moderators are morons
  2. Look at it bounce. Go ahead and put this in chit chat.

    Go ahead and short you idiots. Including the mod who doesn't have a clue how to trade a valid signal.


    Some of you idiots on here talk like you want the world to end. Lot of good that will do when the currency your trading accounts are based on will fall to shit $0 if that is what you believe. The entire global economy will fall into depression with the way you are talking and what do you have left? Your hard assets and worthless currency.

    Screw your goddamn heads on straight and STOP BEING SO GODDAMN NEGATIVE.
  3. just chill yo make dat $$$ n buy some bottlesss playuhhh
  4. Yeah, boku bucks going long. Just tired of hearing all the negative spew coming out with the threads calling for world collapse.

    Gets ridiculous.
  5. i want the market to go lower so i can load up on some EWZ lol
  6. Chart looks no different than any other index based fund.

  7. more volatility in EWZ
  8. hughb


    Your ES 940 post is in chit chat, it wasn't deleted. While searching for it I noticed that you have 14 posts total, and almost all of them are telling someone to screw their head on straight.
  9. After looking at the EWZ chart, your going to have to pay up for it by the time the market opens =]

  10. ES 947... nothing but sissy selling. Sissies I say! And a few dumb ass bears.

    Have faith in the good and stop overthinking!
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