I find a wrong with TWS Chart and Help me!

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Arthur, May 25, 2009.

  1. Arthur


    I got a tws chart error and i will crazy ,I'm a IB customer and i'm so sorry put these pic on here. I want to know if anybody got the same error with me or this is the only error for me?
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  2. Arthur


    this is pic2
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  3. Arthur


    this is another pic zip.it's waste time to post it .please download and see,maybe you will find the same problem.

    I only need to know if this error is only for me and how to solve it.Today i call a guys who live in toronto and he found the same problem.Maybe this is a big mistake,but this small bug is crazy me ,i spend about one week to find a way to solve it,and i failed.
    i try install in another new pc and failed too.

    i had send two ticket to ib ,only the first is reviewed .I spend nearly four hours waiting chat with ib customers and no help.

    If anybody in here can solve this problem,i will say thanks thanks thanks thanks very much ,because i use the charttrader and i thinks this tools is very very perfect tools that i used.

    so this bug destroy me ! :(
  4. I've seen this before but not lately. It's a glitch that happens every so often and I've never really found a solution, sorry.

    With IB charts I've found it's best not to get too hung up on any individual incidence of a screwup ... better to let it go and work with the good data that you do have, at least that's my philosophy.
  5. Arthur


    toma,thanks so much,now i know that not my get this gift from IB.thanks,i don't need fix my pc and hope IB can fix they toy.

  6. I find it strange that you don't complain about the chart is delayed for a few seconds. It's not even a real-time chart, what a joke!

    By the time the chart shows a red bar, the price has already tanked for "ages" (a long time in the mind of active traders). Only losers put up with this kind of crap.
  7. The funny thing is Quotetracker charts, using IB data, seem to track the tick-by-tick movement quite nicely.

    I don't know why it's so hard for IB to provide good fast charts, but there are things I like about them that I've grown accustomed to. I only use the charts for drawing lines, and quotetracker for up to the nanosecond bar formation when needed. Ultimately for execution it comes down to watching the spread, so the slightly delayed chart info ain't that big a deal to me.

    By the way - Arthur, yesterday morning Quotetracker charts (using IB data) were all screwed up for me, so this could be related to your issue. Everything seems back on track for now though. Your charts working ok now?
  8. Arthur


    my problem is perfect still here. I use the IB chart because i think the charttrader is good tools and draw buy or sell lines on the chart is very easy.

    i put two ticket on ib chart and got a funny thing.nobody body answer me and only one ticket got reponse and another is new that means no IB guys look it. The respones ticket send me a message for request information if i solved the problem.:D Nobody care my case and ack me if i solved the problem is funney thing.Another thing is when i click the 'no resolved' answer butten,the web page is always display continue and nearly dead,I must force to close the IE brower.so funny ,ha.IB force me to reply yes for them,only they do nothing.

    belive me ,this is not my pc problem ,i have over seven years IT experience and use computer over 14 hours a day.so i think the Ib may be don't want to solve this problem.and i try click the bottun on diffirent time over 24 hours ,ha ha,result is same.I think may be i click yes that means the problem is resolved and the web page must accept quickly.

    i don't want to waste time with ib ,i had got a lot of angry with this corp.i just like they low fees and hate their service and response.
    thanks every give me information and care this case.
  9. Arthur


    I got a message,this problem to the IB develpors and they will solve .Let us waiting the good news.