I finally post a serious minded journal and it gets moved to chit-chat

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by retaildaytrader, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. You sound like the 'cry wolf' type. Spend a lot of time messing around and then don't understand why, when you want to be serious, you aren't taken seriously.


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    That is the perfect description of him. Through the years, and countless aliases, he has mixed some real market insights with a boatload of gibberish (and a stream of personal attacks). So on those rare occasions when he gets "real" and wants to be taken seriously... no one takes him seriously for too long. It's a living example of The Boy Who Cried Wolf.
  3. Whatever Magna. I post a trading journal along with my twitter account and you move it to chit-chat. Then you come back here to "justify" your position as you do not want to admit you were wrong. Clearly, its a trading journal and you moved it without justification. There are no "personal attacks" in the journal as you claim which is another mis-representation on your part.

    Also, this is my only alias and there is no way for you to know otherwise. Without exception, I use either The Onion Router or a secure VPN. Every time I log on here I use a different ip address or randomized server. I have never logged on here without the use of a proxy server, VPN or other secure service. I dont trust you guys with my private information. I have seen ip addresses and personal location information posted right in the threads which is shocking.

    If you want to justify your position, then back it up with facts. That way Joe can defend you from a factual standpoint rather then one where he has to automatically defend you because you are a long-time moderator. Dont worry Joe, we know you have to back these guys even though they are obviously wrong. Tough job.
  4. I dont believe I have violated my oath of entertainment. This place is and always will be pure entertainment. For example, the mods are to this board what Mark Zuckerberg is to Facebook. Mark might be a wealthy successful man, but he cant get laid even if he checked into the Del Rey Hotel in Costa Rica on a Friday. A social moron. So you have a social moron the CEO of a social site and the mods who are basically non-traders regulating over a trading site. For me, that is pure entertainment. I cant make money from that.
  5. Ok, if that's how you really feel then your thread being moved to chit chat shouldn't be a point of contention, as chit chat isn't serious conversation, but rather pure entertainment.


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    I'm about ready for bed. Can someone tell me the story about "The Boy Who Cried Wolf"?


  7. LOL:p
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    Feel fortunate, at least you’re ahead of deadbroke – his thread was move out of chit chat and into feedback

    Last forum on the whole dang site:p :p

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