I finally got my letter..

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  1. ...From Anthem Blue Cross. Monthly premiums are going up 31% and 36%. Golly am I pleased
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    I realize you try to contribute real content and this is not a flame -- but don't blame the current set of politicians?
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    You're saying politicians raised his private insurance rates? LMAO!!
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    Insurance companies (who are in part owned by wall street) just flexed their muscle and purchased the politicians.... Thereby turning Obamacare into forced payments to insurance companies.

    Since the public showed Obama what will happen to democrats if the dems went through with the sellout - the insurance companies are jacking their rates anyway.

    I realize that it takes an IQ above 120 to think in systems but if you can not think in systems you should consult your smarter friends before posting.
  5. The insurance companies are not the victims here it is the consumers that are being used and abused.
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    It was meant as a joke - but it was not very effective.
  7. My policy with Kaiser went up Jan 1 from $520 to $573. It was $485 two years ago.
  8. Cool, I'm glad I'm not paying for your insurance.

    Mine is 100% covered by my employer except for copays etc.

    I'm no fan of the insurance companies but why in the hell would I want to get rid of my free insurance to pay for everyone else's?

  9. Sorry I didn't get the joke, but I just got up from a late nap so it could be me.
  10. Loan sharks make a lower rate of return than Anthem Blue Cross...

    Assholes like jem are probably sponging off his wife's health insurance as a rider, so he thinks it is funny...

    There is a simple solution of course to all of this, but it would put the money grubbing insurance companies and ambulance chasing lawyers out of business...
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