I figured out way people listen to gang rap.

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  1. don't listen to popular radio much but just took a spin thru the dial and all the non-rap songs are about loser wimpy guys whining about something.

    I couldn't take it. The rap channels took it to the other extreme but even gang rap isn't as bad as listening to the whiny emo crap.

    Just my commentary for today. :D
  2. In March of this year, I switched gyms because the one I had been a member of for years had begun to play a disproportionate amount of rap crap (>75%) over the last couple of years. Interestingly, at around the same time, people started to abuse the equipment and often did not return the weights to their proper place after use. I'm not drawing any conclusions; just making an observation.

    Thus far, I think that rap (hip hop or whatever) is the worst excuse for music that I have ever heard. I can listen to, and enjoy, just about every other type of music. When the music in a cafe turns to rap, I leave.
  3. blackchip, give us some links to good gansta rap, please! thanks! :cool:
  4. Don't really like rap that much myself. It's just that the other pop music sucks so bad. I hadn't listened to any for a while so it was very weird.

    If guys are listening to that crap the country has gone entirely limp wristed wimpy sappy and whiny. And if you listen to the rap station long enough they've got their own whiny songs. Freaky. There's always the possiblity that only women listen to FM radio. Men are over on AM talking about bombing some random country with talk show hosts that have never been in the military.

    Don't have any gangsta rap links. ;)
  5. obviously, you have NO understanding of black culture.

    what's worse is you don't seem to care.

    rap is here, here to stay, and it's legit.

    for you to dismiss it as 'crap' well you probably misunderstand alot of things :D
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  7. If rage is your emotion of choice, which rap seems adept at generating, then why not just take it out on a punching bag? Do something about it. I suppose that, in one context, impotently listening to someone else's rage and vicariously drawing on someone else's machismo in a rap song can also qualify as wimpy, passive behavior. Unless, of course, it is your music of choice for drive-bys.
  8. read the posts again.

    maybe time to listen to cable news again or even cnn. which one sucks least?

    ok, that's enough commentary on contemporary culture for me today.
  9. Rap is not about black culture. It is about thug culture, and I imagine that it principally caters to losers and those who want to be.

    In my mind, to say that rap music is about black culture is derogatory and racist. If I were black I would be offended by that remark.
  10. "obviously, you have NO understanding of black culture."

    Yo yo yo, they be connecting the word to the drum.
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