I figured out how to sell my system, all are welcome to come and BID

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  1. Hi guys I am excited and ready to tell you this

    I have a forex system for sale, it is not fully atomized human monitoring is needed generates 2-7 trades per day any pair will do.

    System does 100% return in 4-5 months, conservatively 5.5 months.

    I am in Vancouver

    I will fly to your location, we will get a lawyer to hold the payment for system as third party.

    After lawyer receives money, I must disclose the system and guarantee 100% return in 5.5 months.

    If I am unable to do it, lawyer will return your money and no final deal will be made.

    LET the bidding start.

    Secret bids may also be made in PM.

    Also for all you already wealthy traders out there, keep in mind forex executes 10 mil on EUR/USD without moving a pip, so this is viable for you as well.
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    why get rid of a system that realizes 100%in only 5.5 months
    y not just fully automate it and be done with it
  3. read my lips

    it CAN NOT be fully automated

    I have a friend that keeps talking about automation and that pisses me off

    because not everything can be automated

    how many of us really trade fully automated give me a break
  4. Post the peformance report. I want to see profit factor, sample size, avg trade etc..
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  6. I do.
  7. I found some lint and a gum wrapper in my left pocket...

    What's the lawyer's address...?

    Oh wait, I fixed the problem... Nevermind.

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    Can I pay you in e Gold?

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  10. Confused, Yes. :D
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