I few reasons why I am longing this retracement

Discussion in 'Trading' started by QdzResurrection, Feb 27, 2004.

  1. It is just a healthy retracement.
    Greenspan recommend some important policies that the damn dems have no idea of.
    Ladden eventually will be in our hands very soon.
    Economy is very healthy.
    Jobs are coming back.
    Bush will be in the same office this time next year.
    More tax relief, more stimulation to the economy.
    Need rising stock market to fight inflation and high growth and declining dollars.
    100% up room to go.
  2. Nuke talks beat expectations.
    Martha Stewart is clean.
  3. Job data is suprisely better than expectation. You don't believe it?
  4. This is one of I few reasons I am longing retracements.
  5. You see several I few reasons of long.

    Mid term correction is over. The train had sped up. Get on folks. 100% up room to go.
  6. Watch out > resistance @ infinity!


  7. If i didn't know better, I'd say PermaBull was back!

  8. ==============

    A few more reasons to be long this retracement;
    it pays &
    paid friday also.

    It also can pay to know difference between trend;
    and countertrend.