I fell asleep with my finger on the trigger..Have any of you done this?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ElectricSavant, May 5, 2006.

  1. Guess what happened....?
  2. You pushed it?

    Um.... once again, I've done that. Well sorta.

    Try a foot, near the computers on/off button... while in the middle of a trade. I remember that back when I was working with Futures :D That cost a chunk of change. Fat Foot Trading!!!
  3. How could you get sleepy with this action though?

    Good stuff. Instead of sleepy fingers, you get fingers that hurt a lot, it's good stuff!
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  4. That was the day I was whining in here about having to trade my entire shift to make up that mistake.

    This is just a novice thing to do...embarrassed

    Michael B.
  5. Oooooooh.

    How is tonight going so far?

    OH, and you changed the background to your website.... Sweeeeeeeeeet.

    Wait.... nevermind, Firefox doesn't display your gradient background.... interesting, I've just seen your blue background for the first time :D
  6. The entire site is being redone by a professional...that site is an embarrasment...

    I cannot do html...I gave up

    Michael B.
  7. XHTML is brutal! SO MUCH VALIDATION lol

    Where did you get the domain name?

    Do you get money if we click the add links? :)

  8. Gotta use Adobe Dreamweaver (Formally Macromedia)

    They got a 30 day free trial to do it all. I used it in designing my websites back when I thought web design was what I'd want to do in life... HAH, I was young and stupid :)
  9. no i am not a vendor or a salesman

  10. www.ipower.com

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