I feel like its April 23rd 2001

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Port1385, Apr 23, 2008.

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    you mean when the dow rallied 1000 points in about a month and then gave it all back going into June...

  3. The fun starts every year right around May. Doesnt it feel so quiet right now as the indexes are floating higher and then wham!
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    Yep, and I think next weeks fed meeting will help the markets out greatly as they listen to wallstreet and cut rates yet again, nothing like historical low interest rates and a stock market thats ready to run 10% within a couple of weeks. This is the best market I have ever seen.....

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  5. May-July will be the turning point for this market. The summer always brings softness...
  6. Why did you kill Jackstone54? Did you, I mean he, take too much heat?

  7. Im not that guy dude. We are over here at Swift trade just having some fun...where you at?

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  8. S2007:

    I was trading right around this time in 2001 looking at CNBC like I am doing now. There were all the experts coming on tv saying how we bottomed and it was such a great time to get in.

    The charts did look promising and there was a rate cut....then wham! whoosh! June hit and 128 disappeared and was never seen again until 2006 some five years later!!!