I f@#$ing hate loud bikes

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  1. What the hell make you idiot bikers with no sound dampening
    exhaust think everybody in the neighborhood wants to hear you?

    Douche bags.

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  2. Tom B

    Tom B

    Good one. :)
  3. thats the point "look at me"
  4. "If it's too loud you are too old" they say

    I agree and it could be a great source of revenue for broke areas: equip every cop with a handheld sound meter and stop every loud bike.

    If the sound is too loud, instant fine.

  5. Arnie


    Whats the difference between a Harley and a Hoover vacuum cleaner?

    The postion of the dirt bag. :D
  6. noisy bikes, noisy cars, noisy cell phone trash

    confiscate the object of annoyance and produce Soylent Green from the offender

    What those bikers are really saying is they own your space and you're just renting it from them. Thus they can pollute the environment with their vileness.

    Since no one does anything about it, this continues, unhampered.
  7. Reminds me of an episode of Curb Your Enthusiam. Larry is on the back deck with his wife drinking coffee.

    He says "Hear that?"

    She says "I don't hear anything"

    "Right, all the birds must have gone south, pleasant isn't it?"
  8. r-in


    ROFL, A friend has been saying that about loud Harley riders for years. He abuses another friend whenever he comes over on his Harley rattle and shake can. I'm surprised the mirrors don't shatter on some of them they are shaking so badly at stop lights.
    For the half the price I can pick up an FJR, or Kawi Concourse, or even a nice used BMW. All with more horsepower, and sadly reliability is there too. Don't try to tell me otherwise as I have watched my neighbor have his 2 massive Harleys towed to the dealer more than enough times, including on HOG rides. They should just have a trailer follow those guys on their club outings.
  9. you should live where i live. near sturgis south dakota. home of the sturgis motorcycle rally. around 600000 bikers showed up this year. in the summer its biker haven around here. i have actually seen bikers wearing earplugs because their own bike was so loud they couldnt stand it. morons.

  10. r-in


    LOL, I live in Milwaukee! Home of the loud rattling piles of crap! The marketing department should have gotten raises through the good times, and exec management should be fired now for running the company in the ground, with no new ideas. They had a chance with another local cycle manufacturer, Buell, but they ran them into the ground and closed shop on a good brand, because the Harley people are morons.
    A true example of pathetic management, but oh well, u rah, rah go home town team. That's what I'm told I'm supposed to say or the old fart Harley fags might come and get me. ROFL!!!!!!!

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