I escaped cuba to leave communism and now this!

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  1. An obvious setup by the Obama campaign "volunteers" .
  2. Morton's


    You "escaped Cuba" to avoid their 28% capital gains tax?

    So ... that's all that's "wrong" with Cuba ?

    As they say on Saturday Night Live ... "Really?"
  3. someone posted earlier that the elections in cuba are pretty much like those of developed democracies now. that was funny! like fidel was ever ELECTED!

    cubans aren't even allowed on boats. if cuba wasn't an island it would be a vast expanse of abandoned land.
  4. You gotta love Faux News. They are brilliant at the art of propaganda.

    Also those dumbass campaign officials should be fired on the spot. It makes Obama look really, really bad.
  5. Cuba has 99%+ taxes on everything!

    Doctors get paid $20 or $30 per month.
  6. Barack Hussein Obama should be sent to Kenya, what the fuck is he doing here.

    He is the fucking antichrist himself, don't vote for him, or else you will suffer the consequences yourself.
  7. Don't you mean Hillary?

    I for one would like to give Obama a chance. It's not like be can do worse than Bush, and I'm not interested in a socialist cunt running the country.
  8. Hillary is a cunt too, you know.
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