I eat honey every day

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    Is it harmful to the health?
  2. Is that a euphemism ? :cool:
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    I replace sugar with honey.
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    Eat more honey

  6. How much honey do you eat everyday?
  7. I eat a honey everyday

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    honey is seriously dangerous for infants that have not developed their immune systems and kids that only have honey for a sweetener will grow up with discolored teeth.. eating a daily honey will give one a throat infection typically also..
  9. Study: Most Honey Is Just Fake, Pollenless Goo

    That stuff your squeezed into your Earl Grey or dunked your McNugget in or bought with that French maid costume for "personal reasons" may not actually be honey. FDA regulations require any product labeled "honey" to contain pollen—the naturally occurring ingredient that gives honey nutritional benefits. But a recent study conducted by Food Safety News shows that 76% of honey on the shelves contains no pollen. Why would producers remove all the pollen? Honey laundering.

    Chinese honey...

  10. i love honey too but it is just sugar.
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