I dropped out of HS to be a better family man?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Brandonf, Oct 13, 2008.

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    I just read this a little bit ago and I swear I had to do a triple take. What the hell can this kid be thinking?


    Levi Johnston has spoken out about rumors concerning him and Bristol Palin, the daughter of Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

    Alaskan born Johnston told reporters that he always had planned on getting married to 17 year old Bristol, even before finding out
    she was pregnant. He stated they'd been dating since Bristol was a freshman in high school and he had her name tattooed on his ring finger
    after he lost a "promise ring" that she had given him, since he would just lose them anyway.

    He also stated that he was happy about the child that's due in mid December and has plans "to take him everywhere."

    He denied having anything to do with a MySpace profile that said he was a "redneck" and didn't want kids.

    Ahead of the baby's birth, Johnston dropped out of high school and took a job as an apprentice electrician on the North Slope oil fields, so
    he's getting ready to be a family man.
  2. Well at least he will not be one of those elitist highschool grads.
  3. I read the article. I thought what a normal kid. His got stuck in a tough situation but seems to be mature enough to be pro-active.

    Many people don't finish high school for a lot of reasons. At least he is learning a trade. He is also getting good guidence from the familes involved
  4. Just another normal US teen. It's nice they can start a family at that age and start contributing. They seem like smart kids, and being the picture perfect couple they will surely inspire thousands of other teen couples - "we can all start doing it!" - just look at our leaders.

    That is just what the US needs - smart young kids, securing the future of the US and being responsible eager consumers of edutainment, fast cars, music and other high level goods and services. Advanced consumers with advanced taste - buy first, think later - creating the markets of tomorrow. That is innovation...
  5. He's taking a job that pays more than what 90% of ET earns.....
  6. BSAM


    Hey.....He's probably at least smart enough to be governor of Alaska.
  7. I am sure with his (soon to be) mother-in-law being the governor of his home state as well as possibly the VP (or maybe even POTUS) he will really have to struggle.

    No hook-up gravy train jobs in his future, that's for sure. How brave of him. *yawn*

    This shit is so gay. I feel like TMZ, STAR, or Entertainment Weekly should be covering this election. Is Palin making a guest appearance on The Hills next week? Is she gonna hook up with Spence?

    I don't even care who ends up being President in this race, we are all fucked either way. Without Ron Paul at the helm, we are pretty much fucked either way.
  8. Students, starting about thrid grade are taught by their leaders (teachers) to get condoms and advice on living a gay lifestyle.
    Marriage is not ever promoted unless it is of the same sex.

    Time for some new leaders.
  9. Hey bro! If I didn't think Palin was Ron Paul I wouldn't be fervently supporting her. I have little good to say about McCain but I see Palin as revolutionary. She's too smart to signal her ideology ala' Paul. Getting 5% of the GOP vote ain't where it's at no matter how deserving you are. She's infinitely political but she's a rebel. One look at her enemies tells you all you need to know. She's both loathed and FEARED for a reason.....

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    I feel sorry for the guy who was waiting in line for that apprentice job and then got bumped by a high school dropout. All of those oil field jobs pay big bucks and there's no shortage of applicants for them.
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