I dreamed the world was going to end

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  1. Last night I dreamed that I had advanced knowledge somehow (not sure where i got it) that the world was going to end at a specific time. I was telling people and not alot of people believed me, but there were people from the government that believed me. I was in a high school and the people from the government (I think FBI) were in the school looking for something that i had. When i saw them check a place I hid the thing i had in that spot (I hid it on top of a bookshelf between some papers and books) The thing i had was some kind of clay like substance, looked a little like plastic explosive, but i dont think it was, but it was a very small amount. Anyway...I was telling my wife we needed more water for when the end of the world came just in case we survived. She told me, oh we will just get it after whatever happens happens( she didnt believe that i knew the world was going to end) Anyway, i told her we needed to get it now because there would be no stores after the event happened. So I went to put on my sandles and noticed i was wearing socks. I said to myself "its kind of hot maybe i should take my socks off, but then i knew the world was going to end in about 5 minutes or so and I thought if i get trapped under rubble or something, i better keep my socks on in case it gets cold. As we were starting to head for the door, i heard what sounded like an airplane, but it got so loud thats when i saw that a big fireball flying towards the school.(Must have been an asteroid, but it was completely on fire) The asteriod flew over the school and kept going, but i heard it crash. Then i saw the blast wave heading for us. I ducked back into the school and put myself next to the stone wall. I told my wife who had our little baby in her hands to get down here with me quick, but she wanted to run around the school and tell everyone "My husband was right about the world ending" The blast wave and a dark cloud blew in through the school and i saw my wife and child vaporize. I put my head down, wondering if i would survive the heat from it. I closed my eyes and felt a bit of head and the wind from the blast. As it got quiet, I calmly opened my eyes and I was awake in my bed. Me opening my eyes in the dream at the same time I opened my eyes in real life. I didnt move for about 15 seconds, just thinking about the dream. It was one of those dreams that felt real.

    Anyone else ever have an end of the world dream?
  2. The other night I dreamed that I woke up and when I got out of bed, one of my legs was three inches shorter than the other. I told my wife," look what has happened to me".

    "Well", she said, "if you take that high heeled slipper off of your other foot then I think that everything will be back to normal."

    God bless that woman. She is always there to help straighten me out.:D
  3. a superstitious mind will do that for you. you been reading too many rapture stories.
  4. Without her, you'd be going in circles.
  5. Maybe...but i guess its better than dreaming about monkeys. At least i have some excitement in my dreams. What do you dream about? I know...you probably dream that some scientist discovered irrefutable proof that God doesnt exist and all the creationists admit they were wrong and they now worship all the atheists who told them for years that there was no God because they think you are so much smarter than them. Thats a good dream for you,huh?

    or maybe you have nightmares that God does exist and you end up being a slave to all the creationists that are laughing at you all day calling you "monkey boy"
  6. only a superstitious person with issues would have dreams like that. normal people dont dream about gods.it is not normal. look at what religion has done to your mind. i kind of feel sorry for you but its self inflicted.
    Edith Sitwell: I am patient with stupidity, but not with those who are proud of it.
  7. You should go back to 1st grade and practice your reading comprehension skills. Did I dream about God or other gods? I dreamed about an asteroid hitting the earth. Im sure there are athiest scientists that dream about that just as much as they dream about dinosaurs. But your mind went straight to religion because you think about it so much. Did you ever think that maybe you are the one that is not normal?

    P.S. Why do you always quote other people? Cant you think for yourself? Dont you have any original ideas? I mean, you claim that atheism is freethinking, but you just seem to cut and paste others quotes.
  8. the quote fit you so perfectly it could not be improved on. you really are a piece of work. poster child for what religion does to ones mind.
  9. I have a quote that fits you perfectly since you are so fond of quotes...

    Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish.
    Euripides (484 BC - 406 BC), The Bacchae, circa 407 B.C.

    If I were you I would worry about my own mind. There are some people in this world that believe in hindu gods, but I do not spend hours obsessing over their beliefs. Sure I will tell them they are wrong, but I wont feel the need to write about how stupid they are, day after day, and spend hours upon hours trying to find quotes that disprove hindu gods. So what is wrong with your mind that you feel the need to spend pretty much all of your day disputing the Christian God? Do you feel threatened in some way? I have to say, the mind of a man that feels threatened by something that he doesnt believe exists has to be borderline psychotic. I bet you are the type of guy that turns out the lights at the bottom of the stairs and then runs up the stairs as fast as he can because he feels like someone is chasing him.
  10. good argument.
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