I dream to live in USA!

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    Hello! I'm 18 years old! I live in Russia! I hate Russia! I dream to live in the USA!
  2. Most Americans believe you.

    We are brainwashed to believe that if you are not an American, you want to be.

    Then you grow up and if your fortunate enough, you go out and travel in the world and discover there are people that think that America is a nice place to visit, but they wouldn't want to live there.

    Yes, I am an American and love my country, but in heaven there are no Americans, Russians.. Europeans...and so on...There are just children of the Lord Jesus Christ, singing praises to his name.

    Michael B.
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  4. Hello! Im 30 years old! I live in USA! I like USA, but I dream to live in Russia. Beautiful Hot thin women that can hold their own in a game of chess or converse on many different topics. Here women are fat and dont even know how to play chess, have no imagination, and the only thing they are knowledgable about is shoes. :)

    What do you hate about russia?
  5. The question you have to ask yourself, why you prefer
    US? Is it the high tech or rate race?

    It depand on what kind of life you want and what is
    your present quality of life?

    When i was your age i had dream of going to america,
    i had two of my older brothers in US for 7 years, and
    No way they wanted to stay.

    It's not exactly the same way you see it in hollywood movies,
    and there are hundreds of other good places to live in the
  6. If you're a cute girl, I'll import you.

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  9. HOBU4OK


    yes, it is true!
    Probably, but I love America, I want to live there!
    for me America is heaven :)
    thanks for answer Michael
  10. HOBU4OK


    for example, in Russia at 90% of population income 1700$ in year!
    Cost American cars is more on 100-200% than in America!
    inflation about 50-100% in year!

    PS Sorry for my bad english :)
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