I draw a line in the sand...

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  1. Hello Traders and Market Participants,

    Following the last few months it appears to me that I am still on a forum devoted to trading. Let's speak about some actions, so you will be the first to know, how I see it. Don't forget every side is welcome, even more if you don't agree with what I will write, it will make more liquidity for those on the other side mouhahaha.

    As sometimes artist can better express certain points, I will ask you to listen these 4 seconds, starting at 0:27 here :

    <iframe title="YouTube video player" width="480" height="390" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/3rCwTeG9020?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


    A message to the shadow advisers : watch :D. Why ? You will not be able to raise faster the stakes... the Exponential raising VS mans...

    Time to take the (s)words :cool:


    How to read :
    The roman number will be dedicated to what has to be done, the letter to the consequences of opposition, the ghubâr numbers for some personnal reason.

    At least I did warn you on some of the subject that are really important for me. However they are only a powerfull and personnal representation of these dramatic events taking place. Anyway God's will always prevails and not mine. So be carefull on my interpretation and please feel free to add issues that concerns you, but please respect the FAQ in doing so :D. It would be cool if you see an instrument( car :D, product, contract etc) that has the leverage needed on a issue to share it.

    Trade Safe
  2. I. Removal of Monsanto and all the GMObiz from the Economic landscape is of the uttermost importance.
    a) Collapse of ALL the agro industries in the US and around the world due to rain, ice, the first of his kind the Amaranth, and fire...
    1. I hate GMO salmon inventors.
    2. I hate Agent Orange
    3. I hate to see people dying from hunger
    4. I hate those who want to corner the food supply.


    II. Leaving Queensland or should I say Godsland. Okay, I know that Australians will be shocked, but I have been more shocked being there.
    a) Continual harrasment until you leave from rain, wind, fire and so on and on... Before you weren't warned now you are.
    1. I hate to see Natives living in the most disastrous state of poverty because of the subtility of their economic model.
    2. Raping the land, the forest and the sea wasn't possible to continue. This continent isn't an exploitation.
    3. Like it or leave it ? and WTF... are you a Nation or what ? Why is She on your bills ?
    4. I hate to see all these wild beings having to live and die close to the highways because it's the only places not destroyed with overexploitation, I am speaking of less than 10meters each side... Btw Koalas need quietness.


    III. Protecting the lifestyle of all the living beings around Us. I support the strategy of Big Animals, because where the Bigs can live, as do the smallest.
    a) This one I don't know :D Why ? It will be big...
    1. I love Elephants
    2. I love Wales
    3. I love Bears and Buffalos ( okay..., and Bulls o-0 )
    4. I love Mushrooms, Corals and all the smallest ones :).
    5. I hate those who stocks chemicals until the dam breaks, those who send their waste off to poor countries, those who use chemicals in the waters ( corexit )...


    IV. South American Nations have to protect the Rain Forest.
    a) Don't you see Australia ?
    1. A picture is often worth thousands of words :

  3. @lightwillblindu From one of the Killer of the 10.23.2008 ! Enjoy buddies, Even if you have removed, banned, and trash me :D

    I love to see the other side perrish...HOPELESS (4UTK:D)