I don't want your freakin SPAM

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  1. I don't want your freakin SPAM.

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    Why do you even send me this crap? Even if -and just because of your lack of marketing 'program' I would NEVER decide to deal with you!

    We are happy to present you with six deals from four different brokers.
    Please remember that there is no commitment required on your part, and your credit is not an issue.
    Please validate your information with our secure and private database to ensure our records are up to date and accurate.


    Have a good day.


    Rowena Champane
    Customer Service Rep
    X***P Inc.
  2. Even after the politicians did something productive for a change, and created the FTC National Do Not Call Registry, IMO telemarketing is still a much bigger problem than spam or junk snail mail. All charities & politicians are exempt. Do business with any company just once, and they are exempt too. When filling out forms, I still give a fake number more often than I disclose my real one.
  3. Thanks Rearden for helping here but you may find it
    interesting that...

    The only reason I get "Trader oriented Spam" is because of my association to this message board. Simple as that.
    The "targeted spam" did not start till I signed onto this ET board.

    The spammer's that are sending me all the penny stock solicitation sh!t reads this board and should know--

    Hell is ANYONE THAT STUPID to encourage this crap by rewarding them??

    I do not think for a moment Baron knowingly allows my (our?) contact information to leak to these Sorry @SS Lost Causes of marketeers.

    How they do it, well is for the web gurus to explain!
    Why they persistent?? Guess it looks like they are at the least DOING SOMETHING???
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    I don't get much spam after years on this board. Your spam might not be related to ET. I have gotten offers via private message on this board but they were all related to posts I made, pretty well targeted, not mass mailings.
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    I've also been getting a lot of penny stock spam lately but it's to an email address other than the one I use for ET.
  6. Well, maybe it is one hell of a coincidental fluke?

    We just can't know for certain, but the timing is realllllly realllly odd.

    All the same - spammers only need to get real skills in selling to help make this internet a better place.

  7. If you go into your ET profile (control center) then click on Edit Options and then check the box that saids Block Others from Sending You Email...

    Spammers will not be able to send you email through EliteTrader.com system.

    However, after you do such and your still getting spam...

    Then you'll know the spam is not related to ET.

    Besides...when someone sends you and email through ET...

    ET has at the top of the email...

    This is a message from ****** at Elite Trader's message board.

    If your spam doesn't say that...it didn't arrive to you via EliteTrader.com

    I myself use an email address for ET that I don't care if someone spams because its not my real email address.

    It's just one of those email address I use to signup on particular stuff I'm interested and knowing those companies most likely will eventually in the near feature share that email address with spammers without my permission.

    NEVER share your real email address...

    Not even with relatives.

    All it takes is one relative to send one of those bulk emails to all his/her friends using the To: instead of the BCC: and someone on that bulk list will inadvertingly let your email address end up on someone's mailing list.

    How well does it work ???

    My real email address has NEVER received one spam email in 5 years...

    Not once.

    Also, my real email address is made up of a bunch of random numbers and letters.

    In comparison, my other email address I use for normal emailing...knowing it will be spammed...

    I now get about 5 spams per day even with some sophisticated filters.

    No biggie because that's their purpose...

    Keep the spam away from my real email address.

    (a.k.a. NihabaAshi) Japanese Candlestick term
  8. I have a Verizon email account that has had one (yes 1) spam email in almost 6 years. I only use it for sites that I trust.. ET is one of those sites. I use another email account for everything else that I 'sign up' for. Based purely on my experience, I highly doubt that ET is responsible for your SPAM.
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    JaguarBone, If you believe the message came from someone using our system please forward the email to me support@elitetrader.com

    If you ever receive a PM that is spam or looks like spam please just forward it to my user name. We deal with spammers very aggressively and we do not take their presence lightly.
  10. If a member has Edit-Optioned Out of ET Email,
    and believes that non-PM received Spam is because of his ET association,
    then it's Spam from a rapacious website that the complaining member visited
    after clicking on a link in an ET post (and/or visiting subsequent links).

    As stated in posts above, don't use your real email address.
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