I dont want to short TSLA

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    Gas turbine Chemical to electrical up to 40%
    Gas turbine plus steam turbine(combined cycle) Chemical/thermal to electrical up to 60%
    Lithium-ion battery Chemical to electrical/reversible 80–90% [9]
    Electric motor Electrical to kinetic 70–99.99% (> 200 W); 50–90% (10–200 W); 30–60% (< 10 W)
    Combustion engine Chemical to kinetic 10–50%[12]

    I see you penalized the electric motor efficiency but took the 88% refinery as the low end.

    EV efficiency: Li battery ~85%, Motor ~ 80%, power plant ~50% (Wiki said up to 60%), net: 0.85 * 0.8 * 0.5 = 0.34

    Electric is 31% more energy efficient (.34/.26=1.31). If you don't use solar/wind..., EV generate less green house gas, by 31%
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    Why can't Tesla do this?:

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    This is so important for traders to understand, I started trading cryptocurrencies and I had emotions attached to certain coins. All that did was burn my trading account. Removing emotions from trading is essential. I like this idea though.
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  4. Anyone tracking its energy growth sector?
    It appears energy storage is bright spot for tesla but heard at the same time its solar city is not doing well and its tile like roof venture has been disastrous.

    To put it in clear perspective, excerpt from its article:
    "...Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) had tremendous success in its large-scale project business for energy storage in 2018. Its residential business was however very supply-constrained due to the ramp-up of production for the Model 3 launch...."
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    Well, I got screwed on my vertical puts by Elon. Now even his tweeter magic doesn't work anymore. I was counting on him pumping the stock up and I got big nothing. Luckily I sold more calls than puts.

    Anyhow yesterday the market rallied 1.3% at the top yet Tesla still stayed in the red. That is some weakness... I think it will have trouble getting above 240. Finally even the institutions are selling, TDRow got ride of 80% of their Tesla holdings...
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