I dont want to short TSLA

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    Do you work for big oil?
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    He thinks alot about electric vehicle since college and he actually gave every dollar he had to Tesla. Scam artist never does anything close to this. There are alot of negative news run by medias that benefit from financial institutions or activist TSLA short sellers, these people usually short to mainly make profits but many of them actually are Elon TSLA fans, they short only because of profits.
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    1. Logic is essential and fundamental to trading, but trading is not all about logic. To see bypass the market is also critical to trading.

    2. There's no right place right time. There's only vision with execution. With vision and execution, there will always be right place and right time; without its just converse. This logic can also be applied to Bezos, in terms of right place (internet) right time (dot com bubble), the deciding factor is to know where is the right place and when its the right time. And Elon happens to know that, that's why Tesla is the leading electric vehicle globally.

    3. Inventions are products of necessity, but creativity of inventions bypass the necessity. That's Uber. Necessity is not always driven by money, they are many times created by vision, ie: the market didn't know they had a necessity in personal computer until Paul Allen came up with that creative idea and told Bill Gates (vision), then Gates executed it.

    4. Money is not the mother of all inventions, ie:electrothermics. Well even Amazon wasn't invented to make money. It existed as a missionary company instead mercenary. I believe that's the fundamental of what makes a great company. Well but eventually Bezos' missionary led to mercenary. Again, that's what all great company end up with.

    And by the way, scam artist don't share their patent for free. But that's what Elon did.
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    There's a huge difference. Enron guys operate without mission. Making money is not a mission. Elon has a great mission with Tesla.
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    Not a problem. Anti-TSLA short posts should be allowed just as much if not more than TSLA short posts.
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    But seriously, when was the last time when Elon DIDN'T lie about Tesla?

    Somebody pointed out, buying the car and putting it into a storage is a better investment than buying the stocks, if Elon is right.
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  7. No, I just read the news. Tesla's poor quality has been featured muchly in recent times. You haven't noticed? And recently there have been stories about how polluting EVs are... when you factor in the carbon footprint/environmental impact of manufacturing the batteries, charging them over their lifetime and then disposing of them. Seems by some measure to be even worse than internal comubstion engines. Perhaps not a huge difference, but Teslas seem hardly the planet's salvation some hope.

    You know they have a saying in China... "Don't park next to a Tesla". (When it bursts into flame, you don't want the fire damaging your car too.)

    Personally, I wouldn't pony up for a Tesla at this time and maybe not for a long time. Porsche is getting into EVs. You might want to look there.
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  8. Get as much $$support as possible from taxpayer subsidies from the government?
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  9. All one needs to know about whether or not to short Tesla is in the chart. Whatever, the "why" will be revealed in the fullness of time.
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    I agree. The mission is making himself rich. Kind of the same mission as the Enron guys'...

    Because if his mission was making cheap, affordable EVs for the masses, he failed miserably...
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