I dont want to short TSLA

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  1. yeah timing is always relative. Looks like I am amiss. But good thing is i found out Musk's real intent haha. I wanna get into charging station bandwagon before it gets too late but how??? Buying TSLA is not investing in charging stations, at least for now.
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    maxinger said:
    "The good time to short was around Jan 19."

    That is a common misconception about shorting. Since the max. gain is 100% no matter when you started shorting (assuming the stock goes to zero) it pretty much makes no difference when you start.

    Example: You short at $100, I short the same stock at $10, we both cover at 1 cents. The difference between our returns is minuscule...
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  3. i bought a straddle. just to play safe. call expiring end of this year, put expiring next year's end.
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    It may end up being your only choice what with the under-powered batteries and lack of charging stations. In addition, it will be a difficult time getting someone to wait even 15 minutes for the charge-up. Granted, there is a market for this product if you just want to drive locally, but it makes a person have to buy a second vehicle for longer drives. ----Companies need to adapt to the market--not the other way round.
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    Well, buying it means you expect fairly big movements in price.

    Selling the 240 January straddle would give you 88 bucks, meaning the price can be between 152 and 328 before you lose money.

    I think it will come down to their ability to raise money (they lose 3B per year). If they can, they would keep going for another year. If they can't, they will run out of money in 3-5 months.
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    Like we both short 10 shares and make the same amount?o_O
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    Yeap. The saying should be: It is never too late to short, as long as it goes bankrupt.
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  8. I presume it is going to fluctuate that much, add to that the volatile factor that dramatically increase the option price.
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  9. maxinger


    now price broke the 245 support level.

    Every few days, there will be great wonder fantastic news about TSLA.
    soon there will be another great wonder fantasatic news about TSLA.


    Elon Musk to investors: Self-driving will make Tesla a $500 billion company
    Published 4 hours ago Updated 3 hours ago
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    Serendipity! Happy to see your post! I share your thoughts in the exact same way. I'm new to trading but with experiences in simulation accounts. Made consecutive profitable trades 49/50 on Tradingview and ready to roll out with brokerage (still researching and selecting). Made huge profits with TSLA in my s-account, all other trades were made with rational logic, except TSLA. Actually I wouldn't say long TSLA is irrational only because the market thinks otherwise, just like when markets used to think Lehman was too big to fail, and there were times when markets bear-ed Amazon, and there were times when people didn't understand why Buffet secretly bought in coke-cola. I share Elon's vision, in TSLA, SPACEX, BoringCo, SolarCity, and Neuralink. I guess longing TSLA is more of a fundamental analysis rather than technical, which would make much more sense to short. Anyways, glad to meet people shares same value! Do you mind sharing which brokerage platform do you use and if you are a day trader? Thank you!
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