I dont want to short TSLA

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    Not really sure the point of this thread. If you don't want to short it, then don't short it.
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  2. Here4money


    he wants others not to short it
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  3. Where did I say that?
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  4. In some way, I do I agree that others getting paid for him for his ideals.
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  5. He should fire all his workers and single handedly do all of jobs of thousands of employees' work alone, including design, manufacturing, troubleshooting, software and hardware engineering, all by himself, not to mention taxes, building factories, not only design of car he should also invent and design the battery himself, payrolls to himself, legal compliance, workplace HVAC, food preparation. He should all do that by himself without hiring any one. :D:D:D
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    Hey guys, Marc Cuban is a genius 'cuz he has an empire. That Warren Buffet guy? genius
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  7. Pekelo



    1. He cashed out on the top.
    2. He protected his cashing out with an option trade, so his paper wealth wouldn't disappear in the holding period.
    3. He does what he likes, spends fortunes on his hobby as he should.
    4. He doesn't sleep on the factory floor.
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  8. OK, changing of heart, or spoiler, but for good. I feel like shorting now. why? Just sitting in the startup pitch event now, guy disclosed, musk is not in the car business after all, it is just a facade, in a decade or so, he is going to own probably 90% of charging stations creating his own Saudi Arabia of charging station. Musk prob'ly does not give a crap about whether tesla goes down. Well I dont see harm in shorting. makes sense.
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  9. maxinger


    The good time to short was around Jan 19.
    You could have earnt ~ 30% profit.
    Now it is about 3 months late.
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    Man, no wonder swindlers like Musk amass followings
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