I dont want to short TSLA

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    Thank you for your honest expression of true love towards Elon. Your Tesla cult badge is already in the mail.

    Now let's put joking aside. I understand where you are coming from. Look, nobody wanted/wants Tesla to fail. Everybody wants clean energy, sunny days, birds chirping on the trees, etc. That being said Tesla is still a business. And it should be run like a business, by adults, and not lovey-dovey eyed dreamers. And if it can not profitably be run like that, then capitalism says it deserves to die.

    So you don't want to take advantage of Elon's eventual failure because of your emotional attachment to his ideas? Again, understandable. You might think shorters hurting the stock. Well, then don't short the stock. But there are other ways to make money of a possibly failing stock, without hurting the company.

    Sell option calls, and not naked ones (because a short squeeze can be still in the cards) but vertical calls. Couple of advantages:

    1. Your possible profit is NOT hurting the company.
    2. Time is working for you, even if the stock stays flat.
    3. Your max. loss is predetermined.
    4. Even if the stock moves against you, if you can time the exit well, you can get away with no loss or even gains.

    So what say you, are you a trader or a dreamer?
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    I might have interpreted your message wrongly.

    I see that we trade very differently.
    Anyway all the best to your trading mister.
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  3. KISS stragegy for a trading range market is to buy the bottom the range, sell the top of the range. With TSLA at this time, those prices are ~$245 and ~$390, playing all else between as noise.
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    If you really believe in what Elon Musk is doing then you don't have to short the shares like everyone else whatever emotions aside. People have lost faith in companies as well and that doesn't mean that that company is really doomed to fail. People have lost faith in AAPL at one point, look at AAPL now. Just because everyone is jumping into the river doesn't mean you have to follow them and do the same if remaining on land is still the best course. I admit some of the things that Elon Musk have done is quite unconventional but that doesn't mean that it's really necessarily wrong; it might be ill-timed perhaps but it might still be worthwhile. Sometimes it takes a while to see the merit of something.

    Bottom Line: If you really believe in something and/or someone, have the courage to follow your beliefs. Honk your horn!! Just be safe and protect yourself at the same time. In Elon Musk's case, perhaps buy some protective put options on the side.
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  5. That is a laughable statement. It is easy to call somebody a scam artist. At least, he started a private company to make electrical cars a mainstream and send the rockets to the space. Nobody else did that with whatever Federal money you talked about.

    At least most of my friends who buy Tesla really like it, certainly I know quite a few who hate this car and won't buy it.

    Musk is a weird guy for me judged by his interviews. But he is a genius. Like it or not, he is.
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  6. It is hard to read fundamentals of this company, and I don't make any in-depth research. But from its customer base loyalty at present, I won't short it for the long-term. Technically for the short-term, it is a totally different story. My impression is that it makes a range-bound move for quite some time.
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    that word genius gets thrown around way too much
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  8. both :D
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    He's not a genius. He's a guy with a LOT of money who hires other people to do the thinking for him. Musk didn't work out how to get a landable rocket booster to work. He just thought of the idea, and paid some other people to figure out how to do it.

    If I had his money, I could also try to implement some ideas I have. All it takes is funding. Anyone remember the Space Shuttle? Lots of folks had the idea, not just one person, but it took a LOT of money and a LOT of people to make it a reality.

    And how many of Musk's ideas has he paid for that did NOT work, that we never hear about?

    Probably proportionally the same amount as NASA's failed ideas.

    Musk needs to stop spending his money on trying to get back to the moon, or bullshit orbits in space, or trying to colonize Mars, or sending a Tesla into an eternal orbit with Mars! (WTF was with that anyways? He was just living his boyhood fantasy of the Heavy Metal movie. That move did not escape us, Elon)...

    He needs to be on the forefront of FTL tech, theoretical particle physics, quantum theory research. He needs to spend the money for the super-long outlook, not the merest 50 years in front of his face. Oi!
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    So were the Enron guys. One is dead, the other just came out of prison.
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