I dont want to short TSLA

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    ‘Better use’ doesnt Make it right. And it’s funny that after 20 years of trading everything IS logical and they all happen for a reason lol
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  2. Tesla is defaulting on payments to suppliers in Q3 if they do not get a loan in Q2... Like 1000's of companies in the past, economic gravity prevails. Most companies end up in bankruptcy at some point. Tesla has a bankrupt business model, it loses on a per car sale basis, no matter what production is, they lose money on every car sold. Premiums to buy puts are insanely high, so that tells you a little something

    They have been shafting Panasonic financially it seems, and Panasonic is slowly ending their relationship with today's announcement. When you can't even pay your Battery maker anymore, it's over. Tesla's stock at this point is severely favored to the downside... I am not shorting Tesla and honestly liked what they did, but they literally are one of the worst companies to go long on at the moment... They are going bankrupt dude, it is what it is

    It literally takes months for spare parts if you get in a collision... Why would anybody put themselves through that ? These are people furious it takes months for basic parts, some flat out saying they regret buying Tesla in the first place cause of major headaches


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  3. you guys are missing important details and history. The thread is not about Q1, numbers, margins. I have followed tsla for years since 2014 may be. Elon musk's end goal is to revolutionize auto industry transitioning from coal to solar based. I do remember Musk saying if TSLA did not succeed however if other manufacturers followed in his footstep, it is a fair deal for him. Tsla has been through far roughter situation. I do remember, Musk invested his last 3M$ so that he can provide his employee's salary and literally going broke. There is no way scam-artist is capable of doing so. Scam artists does it in exactly opposite way. I dont think TLSA is in such a dire situation now but he has proven himself, he has shown what he is capable doing so and there is no doubt he will do it again if necessary. Currently I am holding no TSLA stock at all either short or long.
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    Thanks Stock,

    let me to stay neutral,

    because, i wasn't interested in the markets, in the days of Theranos ( wanted to write Thanatos o_O, anyway),


    i am simply gratefull, for a chance , to witness , how this is going to play out.

    & because,

    ...markets can stay irrational, longer than we can stay rational...



    This could sound as the most stupid idea ever,

    but remember when Jobs went to Bill, asking for $300 mil ? ( not sure if im correct about the facts and numbers )

    What if Musk did the same,
    with his friends,

    from paypal mafia.
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    Elon is just the latest iteration of the larger-than-life business executive whose massive ego and lust for success outruns the realities of the business: Michael Milken, Bernie Ebbers, Jeff Skilling, Angelo Mozillo, Elizabeth Holmes. Musk is certainly unique in terms of having such a hard-core cult following, as in weaving the Tesla narrative he's been able to tap the quasi-religious themes of tech utopianism and environmental messianism, in a way that the other examples weren't.

    Getting blinded by such things is no way to go if you want to be a trader. There is (or at least was) a viable business concept in TSLA but it's a hopelessly awful investment with its current management, structure, and business plan. Either way it's going to be a legendary case, studied in B-schools for decades to come.
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    I am all for trail blazing wild ideas shooting for the moon or mars hyperloop whatever, just don't ask for federal hand outs!

    guy is scam artist... stay away from anything cult-ish!
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    i'm not a short seller. but tsla chart indicates it is a short seller paradise. i don't give 2 shit if you tell me this company is the best in the world. that it is better than the invention of slice bread. i'm a trader, and tsla chart is telling me to short the hell out of it.
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  8. that is what i normally do with any stock. But i have mentioned that I am emotionally invested in tesla and gave a very good reason why in my OP :). Tesla long call experience has given me a new experience that opened a new door through I can peek through and say "I could be possibly be far more successful than I ever thought with investing. And I have been quite more successful ever since. I know it sounds stupid but for some reason, through pure gut feeling, tsla is a sign of good luck for me.
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    When you are emotionally attached to a stock,
    when you have negative emotions, earning $$$$ from trading is going to be very challenging.

    Now look at the chart.
    It has been ranging from 250 to 380 for months.

    And it will continue to range and range
    no matter how great the company & big chief are
    till end of time until the chart says otherwise.
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  10. MAXinger, you are reading wrong, your understanding is wrong. You got it all wrong. I did not say I am emotionally attached to a tsla stock and at the same time I will go long. I said I am emotionally attached to the tsla stock and because of it, I refused to go short.

    Meaning I refuse to trade tesla stock when bears prevail. To be successful in trading you need to understand the meaning of sentence because little misunderstanding will get you a big buck. I had that bad experience too, missing details.
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