I dont want to short TSLA

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  1. TSLA is the first company i have successfully traded with humonguous large gain after 10+ years of unsuccessful trading. It is a special name for me and after that event, I have first time ever, concluded, that I could be successful in trading options. It appears TSLa is having a again a test of time and good short opportunity. But I decided whatever the opportunity for short is, decided not to do, one and only one exception of making decision based on emotion rather than rationality, because I support ideologically everything Elon Musk doing.
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  2. Like what, making "sucky cars with lots of problems"?
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  3. why dont u take in his role and do a better cars then.
  4. Why don't YOU grow up, junior? You've apparently got a woodie for Musk and his electric cars in spite of all the stories about their poor quality and problems.
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    Elon is a scam artist. E cars. Rockets. Solar city. All is about grabbing federal assistance dollars.
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  6. you gotta be kidding. he did not wage war wasting trillions in tax payers money. He was not involved in subprime mortgage dealing that nearly collapsed the entire country. He was not involved in shady student loan shark dealing that is causing a a trillion dollar debts. whatever he is doing for ideals and for better future. you have to accuse all manufacturers for that because every car manufacturers has followed in this foot steps. I dont see other manufacturers doing so had Elon did not daredevil it.
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    logical flaws - did not wage war and involve in subprime does not exclude him from being a scam artist.... please pay attention to this... trading is all about logic.

    secondly - he just happened to be in the right place right time... with all the green energy bs, e cars are just a matter of time.

    inventions are just sons of necessity really.. and necessity is usually driven by money.

    money is the mother of all inventions... in other words.
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    Don't get emotionally attached to a stock.

    Instead be emotional about your familly, they depend on you,

    so make rational decisions, with zero emotions & expectations.

    Go long.

    Set stop loss at $245.

    RRR 1 to 5.

    $20 vs 100$

    ( Not the best entry point at all, but a stupid one for short, - indeed.)

    Maybe RRR, even 1 to 10, for yhe next year or two,

    given the overall conditions, FED,
    luxury cars going out of the game, when crap hit's the fence, - could that happen (?).

    Based on technicals, i see zero reasons for shorting ( yup the ballance sheet, i know, i know... ))

    Any constructive criticism is most welcome,

    i am here to ,

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    Hell, the more cars they sell, the more the stock will go up, in general. And the more cars they sell, the more crude will be required to make the cars, so crude will go up.

    As Tesla stock goes up more, and more people keep buying electric cars, we can safely go long Crude! Wheee! Win win for both the oil barons and the treehuggers!
  10. no buddy, you mentioned about he is siphoning federax tax. In a sense, it could be true but I am arguing is that whatever it be, it is far less damaging and better use than the ones I have mentioned. From my 15+ trading experience involving stock and options, trading is anything but logical. :)
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