I dont understand why you people try to predict the market

Discussion in 'Trading' started by tradingmonkey, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. Currently the trend is down so get short, when/if that changes get long, I dont understand what is so complicated. Its just that simple.
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    .... so you must be quite rich right?
  3. the market down is the fact!

    if the market today closed at 55,

    you will say

    "holy shit, why so complicated, the market is up, why not go long, it is so simple, why you guys make it so complicated and do not get it"

    comrade, today the market gapped down, then ralled from the opening, hit the resistance, then sharp down, then stuck there and pullbacked, then went down again, as for the AH market, caused by the CSCO earning, first up, then down, then pullbacked, then head down.

    did you see something? the market is not linearly down, that is the complexicity. if you shorted the opening, then you may lose if you can not hold if you have a large size!
  4. try to say the market is simple is naive!

    the market is designed to trap people, looks simple because you look at the after the facts chart , not the unknown chart ahead, traders are constantly dealing with uncertainities, that is why 90% of traders will lose pants and leave the market for good!
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    Yes its so simple , thats why everyone is rich. Why predict, you would have to know that the price was going to continue to rise after you made your entry, but thats really not predicting is it?
  6. when I enter a trade, I always want to know " where is those bottom pickers, those breaout players, those trend followers, those resistance sellers, those support buyers, those short squeezed guys, those desperate investors....."

    if you see the market is heading down, I always see sharp rally, why? those bottom pickers and those short sellers! they drive it up. when I see resistance, some guys always see breakout, and the market easily trade through the resistance, when I see support, some guys always play break down game, .... is it simple or you are not in the market and talk non-sense!
  7. Wow, based on these responses you guys dont get it, this is that last time I will ever post here, good luck to all of you
  8. It seems that instead of trading, you imagine a stage play with you as the only actor. You play bottom picker, then breakout guy, then short seller and finally you play a desperate investor.
    Ofcourse the main character in this play is the character that has it all figured out. I bet that character is played by YOU as well.

    This looks to me like the trading version of Don Quichot fighting windmills.
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    someone needs to finance our profits.