I don't think X_Trader is so great

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Kubinec, Mar 18, 2010.

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    Hi all,

    I currently use X_Trader, which comes for free with my broker. After using it for almost half a year now and getting to know it it seems to be VERY lacking in charting. X_Study is basically stuck in the Jurassic era when compared to current charting capabilities present on the market.

    So this got me wondering. Why is X_Trader considered one of the best platforms on the market? Other than saying that exchange people use it, blah blah blah, what is the actual reason that XT is considered so great, for retail guys like me, who actually need a good charting capability to trade?

    I'm switching to Ninjatrader, which, among other things, offers volume/price range bars, export/import price data capability, Gann fans (important for my analysis), and many more advantages.

    Mind you, it will cost me 50$ at the end of the month, but I'd rather use a program that offers me the tools I need rather than a dinosaur that everyone uses just because everyone uses it.
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    It seems like order management and the execution system of XT is very valued by traders, from what I've read. But what is the value of that when you don't have good charting, requiring a separate charting software. I'm not some shill for Ninja, I'm just expressing my dissatisfaction with XT thus far. I don't know yet whether Ninja will live up to what I've checked out so far, so not saying that Ninja is better.
  3. I don't think anyone praises Xtrader for their charts, it's all about their execution platform.

    Most people PAY for a charting software.
  4. yeah, i dont think anybody gives a hoot about the charts
  5. It's best known for it order management and execution. You have to have your own analytics system and just use TT for execution. It's got some amazing capabilities like OrderSets with it's own some of risk management features.
  6. X-Trader has charts. LOL.

    You don't use X-Trader for their charts....
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    X_trader charts are the only platform that offer market/volume profile for free with real tick data not aggregated for free
  8. Ninja is great software and can be connected to TT's back end software. But it is designed for a retail trader. If all you are trading is a few different outrights and your trading is chart based ninja will be better solution. On the other hand if you want to automate trading CL spreads out for the next 5 years ninja can not even see those contracts. And it would fall over trying to trade that many contracts at once.

    X_STUDY is free with a X_TRADER Pro; it provided as more of a convenience than a full charting package.

    not everyone trades like you do.