i don't think the markets are random, i think they're like this...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Gordon Gekko, Sep 12, 2002.

  1. nitro,

    i appreciate everyone's input here...i really do. even if i do not agree with people, i like to at least understand their opinion/perspective.

    i am just curious as to why you think aphie is going to get killed by looking at his chart, if you don't know how he plans on trading it?

    i'm not criticizing you at all.. i'm just trying to see things from your viewpoint here..

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  2. nitro,

    That would be fantastic, although I don't go into chatrooms when I trade. That is just a major distraction.
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  3. Gordon,

    I don't care if Nitro was Larry Williams. He knows nothing about me, my discipline level, my passion, my strengths and weaknesses -- he's just launching an errant missle at me for shits and giggles.
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  4. be careful, I heard nitro and his 15k shares a day likes to hammer men's asses
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  5. nitro


    Don't stay in the chatroom or even look at it then, just

    0) do whatever you do during market hours
    1) make trade
    2) open window with chatroom on it
    3) post trade
    4) go back to step 0

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  6. cartm


    Is there anyone who really thinks mkts are random..........Segal wrote a book about how they are....yet has been quoted as saying he watches his computer because he is fascinated by the prices.......that guy on cnbc I forget his name he's on every week with stock picks.........yet he wrote a book on passive investing and how you should stick with the indexes..........later
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  7. platypus, good post. you did a better job explaining this sh!t than i did. :)
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  8. nitro



    If you traded everyday with spoos traders day in and day out, and you had worked at the MERC and watched the spoos rip new assholes everyday even to seasoned pros, and then someone who has never taken a spoos trade in their life came up to you and said - gee, look at this chart, it's an ATM machine, hum, I don't know a single person who wouldn't have one of those balloons that you see in cartoons pop up next to their head with a picture of a wolf foaming at the mouth and seeing a plucked chicken on the roaster.

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  9. Gordon,

    Hard right edge is exactly that! It is the hard right edge of a chart, which is the current bar or the HERE AND NOW. I think Farley is the one to coin the term.
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  10. Gordon,

    Regardless of what everyone else is saying in here -- you need to isolate your mind from all the rampant bullshit and talks about probability, failure, success, odds, chaos, randomness.

    Then, you have to take a system, which I've shown you and you've added good additions to, and consistently use it over time. I promise you that, if you at least try to use the system we've looked over, you aren't going to kill yourself trading ES.

    Concentrate on your emotions when trading and stick with the plan.

    If it works out, you'll know it over time.

    Otherwise, a lot of people are going to shoot arrows at you in here and some people will blow sunshine up your ass, but it remains you the market and you.

    So come trade with me.
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