I don't see many African American traders, why only white guys

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    did anyone notice

    we are like a god damn KKK club,

    are blacks not interested in trading or are they simply more interested in survival due to poor upbringing and conditions
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    cutest shit ever :)

  3. i believe charts are like kryptonite to black people
  4. I'm black and I'm a fund manager.
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    good for you
  6. omg :D
  7. Damn apak what you on?
  8. He signs up in the last couple days after several aliases and begins trolling.

    Too much butt sex in the role of "catcher".
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    do you not understand that money being spilled in Iraq on Bank bailout on paying down private bank called The FED for 80 years WOULD BE EASILY USED TO PAY FOR MEDICAL CARE

    I will repeat this many times until you get it, I pity you, I want to help you
  10. I have lived under socialized medicine for 23 years you flake. You "feel" something will be better than what you have when you have no idea what you are asking for.

    It is not a simple mathematics exercise you presume.

    If you were born with an IQ over 110 you would understand. Until then, recess is over. You need to get back to making macaroni art.
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