I don't miss office politics.

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  1. Been in the business for almost 20 years but on my own as my own trader for 6 months and am so happy. I would rather make less doing this than dealing with those awful backstabbing office politics where nobody is really your friend. I just read an article on Monster.com and I can honestly say, I hope I NEVER have to go back to working for someone else. I was so miserable and the life had been taken out of me. Now, I look forward to each day and am starting to reclaim my life.

    Corporate World really bites. I dear anyone to tell me they have a corporate job that they truly love and can't wait to get up in the morning for.
  2. I second that!
  3. Excellent, midlifeguy! More of it and better for you. Workin' for the man reeks.
  4. I'm totally with you guys on this one. Having a boss really sucks.

  5. Many years now without a boss........that is worth everything to me.
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    i am going to be the odd man out here..

    I hate to be at home
    I like to go to the office and have a daily rutine
    I dont like to be alone in front of a screen.

    I have a good boss and no office politics, so maybe that helps.
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    No. Having a dumb boss really sucks.
    And that does happen quite often. And if the boss is not dumb, his boss will be.

    Never forget the Peter principle: in a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence.
  8. Working in an office is a pleasure when that happens. The larger the co and the closer you get to the core of organizations the rarer it seems to be sadly.
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    good to hear another person does not feel like wasting their life in a cubicle ,overhearing the secretaries talk about the latest desperate housewives episode.
  10. The corporate world does suck for the most part but you cant discount all that it has to offer...

    Matching 401K is huuuuge

    Dirt cheap Medical Insurance

    Resume building experience so that you'll always be employable

    Office sluts....:cool:

    Security (for the most part)

    Paid days off


    BUT, yes you have to be willing to throw that away, at least for a little while and take risks, go on your own to try to take your life to the next level if you desire. Thats commendable and how American dreams are realized.

    And if the boss is not dumb, his boss will be. So true.
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