I dont know which one to pick

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    CYBERTRADER PRO TS6 (new comm) RealTick3

  2. The simulators are the best way to try these software platforms. No risk and execution simulations. Try before you buy. once you are in with your platform its like you are now married. .

    Try them and get a feel but remember that its you who pushes the buttons. Try the one on my site also. Its different but you can play with it for a week.
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    You asked a similar question a few weeks ago:


    and I gave you a very comprehensive comparison of Realtick and CyberTrader Pro. There has been lots of discussions on TradeStation, so you have about as much information as other people can give you. What do you want, someone to say you must use so-and-so? :confused:
  4. You must use RT.

  5. That's what she said. Sorry couldn't resist.

  6. Hey that was good. :D :D :D
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    which is the best????:confused:

    thats what i asked.... s c r :D
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    Oh, that's simple. The very, very best is Realtick.....er.....ah.....no, it's CyberTrader.....er.....ah.....no, it's TradeStation. There, hope that solves the problem for you. :p

    P.S. Could you please tell me what's the very best food that I would like for breakfast? Or the very best car that I would like to drive? Or the very best vacation spot that I would like to visit? Or.....
  9. Are we forgetting IB?
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    Not at all, but he only asked about RT3, Cyber, and TS6 (in his original post). So I felt obligated to tell him which one of those 3 was the best. :)
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