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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by easyrider, Jun 18, 2002.

  1. This morning , according to IB Globex was down for about 15 minutes. I could not place a trade during this period but my charts and quotes kept on advancing. How can I still be getting quotes if Globex is down? Are the minis traded elsewhere? Or was it just IB's connection that was messed up?
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    Globex was not down this morning... IB must have been
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    Twas a little dis-information from IB on this. Their bulletin states that "Globex had an internal system failure which interupted proper order routing." Commisso, did you trade between 11:01 and 11:14 CDT?
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    No I did not Pabst BUT I did place one between 9:30 & 9:45 which I was referring to as the first 15mins...

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    IB had a message that globex was experiencing internal problems in addition to a separate message that IB was having problems, but the quotes were changing while Globex was unavailable and a scalp trade I was trying to do went from decent scalp to small lost. IB didn't post a message when the system was available. I just kept entering a sell order until it took. Does anybody know if stops are any good in such situations, even though they're kind of tough to enter when you're scalping? I wondered the same thing, if Globex is down how can anybody trade. Seems like that ought to put up a flag like they use in car racing and noboby gets to improve their position.
  6. If Globex is down, no way the E-minis can be traded.
    If it's an outage of Globex's connection to certain routers, hubs, etc., E-minis may continue to trade, but certain brokers affected may not be able to access Globex. In this case, some affected brokers may activate alternate order routing system or place orders via other unaffected brokers.
    If Globex's market data feed goes down, trades may continue as normal, but your quote machine(s) will have no update of any Globex-traded instruments.

    One thing is certain for Globex: there's quote update, there's trading. Not true in reverse.

    As to 11:XX this morning, both Reuters Terminal and FutureSource have gaps in their 1 minute charts for E-minis. I believe IB's Bulletins regarding Globex are correct. I'm out of town during that period.
  7. According to folks in the Woodies Paltalk room
  8. I've had those couple minute gaps in quote.com livecharts several times this week more or less about the time IB says GLOBEX is down.

    The messages they send seem to bracket the actual downtime by several minutes. Guess they want to make sure.