I don't buy this rally

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  1. I just shorted the piss out of the open. Any chances a full 180 today and selling momo picking up. Sure, I'm a little nervous with FED and what not but thats tomorrow. I could use a strong dose of reality to the market today. I needd some help from the bear protection team one time!
  2. hopefully this consumer confidence will be shitty.
  3. I am a bear but if they are cutting rates and the market is running up last few days what’s not to get. The government and fed can make the market do whatever it wants. Its going to hurt us down the road but that will be the next guy’s problem. I don’t think you can make a stance either way in a environment like this.
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    hope is a dangerous word my friend
  5. Fed cuts .25 tomorrow and says no more.
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    when Elitetraders become bearish, it's time to buy.
  7. I've got 6 QQQQ Feb 44 Puts open at $1.17. with the Durables coming in strong and the stock market remaining elevated as it has been, I'd expect a 25bp cut and a disappointed reaction from the street.

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    Hopefulness is the reason 90% traders lose money.
  9. the markets needs people like you as fuel for the next advance.
    Do your homework and take a look at the cyclical stocks, banking index and homebuilders, they have all turned around now and even outperform the S&P.
    Bear is officially over, sorry.

    This whole "banking crisis" and suprime event is known since months and now as it is in the newspapers, its all over.
    Move on.
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    "Bear is officially over, sorry." Quote from topsurfi

    How can you be so sure. when someone sounds that confident,they are usally wrong.
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