I don't always build it myself...

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  1. jem


    You can delete this..
    I could not get an image to post.

    It was the most interesting man in the world saying:

    I don't always build it myself, but when I do, Obama says I did not.
  2. Ricter


    You can delete it yourself, and give Obama the credit.
  3. jem


    good point...

    I was hoping Obama would build it for me,
    since I could not build it myself.
  4. Ricter


    Of course you can build it yourself, truly. All you have to do first is create your own language, knowledge, tools, and processess, in short, all culture, yourself (at birth)!
  5. So I suppose lehman and bear sterns and madoff and mf global all get a pass, cause really - they didn't build it themselves.
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  7. Mav88


    are you saying Obama built that? prove it

    Ricter, honestly, what a dumb comment. Nobody that ever did anything like build a business ever said they also built language, roads, etc.. People who accomplish things rightfully take credit for what they did above and beyond what exists, and liberals like you and obama are trying to tell achievers that they didn't do anything special just so you all can feel better about your egalitarian religion.

    Newton said he stood on the shoulders of giants, does that mean he didn't build calculus?
  8. Wallet


    Although none on the left will admit it, no one believes that asinine statement, they're just repeating the taking points. The main leftist posters here are either shills (my personal opinion), extremely naive, unemployed students or they have some type of personality disorder which requires coming here and posting crap just to piss people off.

    I started in business for myself 22 years ago. Paid for my own schooling, trained myself,... no one else is responsible for or has given me crap to help the success my business outside the love and support of my wife and family along with years of long hours and hard work.

    I didn't do it? Really?

    Screw that shit, Every business owner, Entrepreneur (as if they were not already Republican) just went Red
  9. Ricter


    Obama's statement clearly refers to infrastructure.
  10. So because someone else created the language, knowledge, tools, and processes that I use today, I owe something to the...state?


    Things are created for mutual benefit. If I paid for an Ipad, I don't owe Steve Jobs anything if I create music with it.

    And to think that we need government to create things for us otherwise they wouldn't exist just shows you want your ass wiped for the rest of your life.
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