I Done Bought Me a SSF!

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by hii a_ooiioo_a, Feb 3, 2003.

  1. I bought 2 more today. Should have SOLD instead of bought.
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  2. Question,

    If there's a significant difference between the price of the the current month's contract and the contract for the next month, and I buy the lower and sell the higher, how do I profit from this? Is it that as the contract is about to expire, the spread will generally decrease? Sorry I'm not as experienced with SSF's.
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  3. None of us are experienced with SSF's. That's why I started this thread. We might as well learn together.
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  4. vorzo


    Do you mind posting the trades with some comments?

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  5. Trades: Jumped in to be the first one trading QLGC SSF at 9:35. Everything was going up. I bought 1 at 34.
    Then everything dropped. Was back to 33.50. Started up again, went to 33.70. Bought one more. I spent the rest of the day doing other things not paying attention. QLGC was down as low as 32.75 or so.

    Comments: I need to learn about stop losses. I need to pay attention.
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  6. vorzo


    So you are still long two contracts QLGC over the weekend?
    You should've sold and gone short when it turned against you.
    On Fri markets gapped up, and the historical tendency is to fill the gap. Unless there is real strength in the stock (upgrade, report) it will tend to follow the markets - especially heavily traded tech stocks.
    You gotta get those stops happening.

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  7. Actually there was an upgrade on tuesday or wednesday. I'm use to trading options, so I don't mind so much holding these over the weekend, at least they don't have the time-decay that options have. Hey, it was still my first week with SSF.
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  8. nkhoi

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    look like it could go back to 34, good luck
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  9. nkhoi,

    You have the fanciest charts!
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  10. VictorS


    Definitely, the fanciest. Wish he would explain what it at means.:eek: red line?blue line? lime green line? teal line?
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